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Essence of Choosing Argumentative Essay Topics

August 16, 2019
Essence of Choosing Argumentative Essay Topics

There are different types of essays, out of which one of them is based on arguments. The writing pattern of students will represent their thinking skills as well as writing skills of individual students. Students are asked to write this type of essay by their tutors or supervisors to check their ability of how well an individual can argue upon a topic and can exercise their knowledge concerning a specific topic. The way students demonstrate their knowledge also depends upon the argumentative essay topics. One of the critical stages at the time of writing argumentative essays is to select a theme for it. This is the first step as per which an individual needs to choose the most appropriate topic, which is often considered to be one of the most difficult stages of writing an essay. While selecting a topic, some research is necessary to consider, primarily to obtain adequate information along with having a basic idea about the topic.

Good argumentative essay topics can help in writing an appropriate essay and will further have more points to argue on. This type of essay often presents writers’ thoughts on the related issue. In this way, an individual is also another way of impressing an instructor. Argument claims are mostly of five types such as definition, value, cause & effects, fact, and policy. These essays are different from other essays, as it includes real facts. Thus, various people have their own opinion about a particular issue and will further comment based on their viewpoint. It is significant to critic whether the fact of the essay is true or false. In addition, it requires presenting actual definition from the official dictionaries along with its personal interpretation, which has arrived from analysis of fact and can be added for justifying the provided answer. The best argument essay topics can be contradictory rather than being moral, as more ideas could be included at the time of arguing on the chosen topic.

The topics for essays based on arguments needs to be selected wisely, as it needs to be more debatable and have to analyze the paper. It is better to choose controversial argumentative essay topics, as it will include more talkative points as well as fair criticism. The controversial topics can be based on various issues, which are as follows;

  • Political issues
  • Research or experiments were done
  • Decisions given by the governments
  • Religious movements
  • Impact of social media
  • Causes of environmental degradation

However, in most of the essays, a similar structure is followed to make these of high quality by following three specific sections, including Introduction, Body, and lastly Conclusion.

Significance of Choosing Exact Topics for Argumentative Essay

There are various types of topics related to an issue, and selecting the right one is perceived as a difficult task. Topics for argumentative essay are an essential aspect while writing a paper. This is because all the preceding process of writing an essay after selecting the topic will significantly depend on the topic itself. Thus, if the topic does not comprise any valid information or source or any interesting point, it will hamper the quality of the essay. To select an effective topic for an essay, proper planning needs to be done. While writing an argument, the quality of the essay should be equally focused upon. If the essays have good argument topics, a student can search for proper data as well as information with respect to the topic that has been selected. This can further help in enhancing the quality of the essay to a significant extent. After choosing a good topic, an outline for the entire essay needs to be prepared to maintain the flow in the essay. The information should not overlap with each other, as it can lead to creating confusion in the instructor’s mind. As in the argument essay, students can give suggestions at the time of discussion. This type of essay not only describes the information but also reflects the idea of the students in a paper.

The best argumentative essay topics include four traits, which are debatable, current, manageable, and researchable. In this context, argumentative-based essays should always be debatable, as it requires the thoughts of a different person and does not agree on the same thing. The topic for these types of essay should be current, which has recently taken place and not on the topic of history, as the instructor will be more pleased to know about the current affairs. The topic, which has been selected, has to be manageable for avoiding those topics, which has several issues and are unmanageable. In addition to all those factors, it should also be researchable, as it needs data for argument on and has to discuss over it. The evidence is important for this essay type based on which a writer can write as well as support to an appropriate answer.

Recommendations on Writing Rewarding Argumentative Essays

While writing an essay, it is necessary to keep the source separately so that it will not create confusion in the later stage. The argumentative essays, which comprise a wide range of information, can be used for arguing needs sources, from where it has been retrieved. The sources used for collecting data have to be from genuine sites or articles. Most probably books will not be the sources as it will be based on the current incidents. Most of the school students receive an assignment or homework based on these types of essays. Argumentative essay topics for middle school and college students can be found somewhat different in terms of subjects provided to them to write upon.

There many principles used for formatting argumentative essay. As most of the common style used while writing academic papers includes Harvard, American Psychological Association (APA), Chicago, Modern Language Association (MLA), Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Oxford, American Chemical Society (ACS), Vancouver are mostly exercised by middle-school students. These formats are also followed by high-school students and college students. Among all these styles, APA and Harvard are the most common styles used by middle-school students. APA style of formatting is repeatedly used in the argument essays.

It is always difficult for the students to decide the argumentative research paper topics, if not assigned by the teachers. However, the argumentative essay topics for college going students are tough, as they have some experience in writing these types of essays. Grammatical error needs to be addressed at the time of arguing on the topic as well as to maintain the quality of the essay.

The essays that fall in the category of argument-based should begin by providing different viewpoints at their starting lines. Thus, at the time of proofreading or reading essay, the starting line of an essay will guide the instructor regarding the rest of the paper. The essay should look more realistic, and the topics should be on modern or contemporary issues all over the world. The essay should have at least one hook, as it will help in grabbing the attraction of the instructor. As per the experts’ advice, at the time of writing an essay, the use of the first person in language cannot be considered to be feasible. To craft a satisfying essay, students can further read some sample papers so that the students can have an idea for the respective paper. Prior to starting a paper, students need to prepare an outline for the essay as per the requirements asked by the instructor. The outline of the essay will as per the instruction is given to the students.

Why Research is Important before Picking Argument Paper Topics

Conducting researches is not only important for writing the main body or in the course of collecting information, but it can also be done prior to deciding the argument paper topics. Research before selecting up topics will make the entire essay productive, as it makes the writer easier for making essay flexible and will have a clear concept of including as well as excluding point in an essay. The topics will carry varieties of information, but it entirely depends on the writer that what are the data he or she wants to explain in an essay. If proper research was made before on the argumentative research topics, then will be easy for a writer for identifying the amount of explanation that is required. Since the selection of data is also important to make an essay appropriate to a certain extent.

Signs of a good writer are also observed in how they distinguish the information, which should be added and avoid what is irrelevant. However, the roles of formatting, referencing, and checking for plagiarism after completing an entire essay cannot also be ignored. Students have to plan a strategy for conducting the research argument topic for avoiding confusion at the time of selecting the same. The essays based on arguments are different from other types of essays, as it contains lots of real facts as well as figures whereas another essay such as informative, narrative, and exploratory consist of information provided to the instructor.

In this type of essay, students have to convince their teacher that their opinion for the fact is valid and can also give some quotations as well as examples in favor of the opinion. Argumentative research essay topics are different from other essay topics. These kinds of topics are straightforward, wherein the student only needs to explain about it, but the arguments essays are more complex in nature. Attending regular lectures will help students to select suitable topics for argumentative research papers and will have more idea about starting a paper and making it rewarding.

Ways to Acquire Easy Argumentative Essay Topics

Although at the time of selecting the topics for the essay, there are also easy argumentative essay topics based on which students can place their thoughts to score good percentile in their respective subjects. Some of the easy topics can be related to love, music, the importance of fashion in the current scenario, and climatic change can be treated as their profession, wherein the writers can argue on it and can express their feeling through, which an instructor can judge the student knowledge along with the attitude as well. Being a student of schools or colleges, it is necessary for you to select good topics for argumentative essays, as it will make a major difference in the paper. One of the most attractive titles of the paper will automatically develop a good impression in the instructor’s mind.

Usually, students score higher marks in their academics while writing essays based on argumentative paper topics because of the abundant opportunities that they receive for implementing their own writing skills and knowledge. In this type of essay, defending a point is also important with proper evidence. The essay will be more rewarding if the students see more paragraphs in the body part for explaining in depths with accumulating logics and reasoning within it. These essays are often considered to be one-way direction essays, wherein the writer should be straight forward, as from the beginning itself, the students they should have a clear idea of what is right and what is wrong. The essays are subjective and biased, which should further have the power to influence after reviewing the essay. Whether the writer is in favor of a true or false statement, it really does not matter, but the writer should stick to one opinion from the beginning of the paper.

Thus, the topics relating to argumentative essays hold immense importance in a student’s academic career. If you struggle with selecting the right topic for your argumentative essay, we are here to help. Make an order for a paper on our website at affordable prices. We have professional writers to help you anytime and anywhere. Place your order today!

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