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Importance of How to Title an Essay

August 16, 2019
Importance of How to Title an Essay

One of the most significant and common questions, which arises into the minds of every writer at the start of writing, is “how to title an essay” or “how to write a book title in an essay.” This is actually the most important knowledge that every writer must possess. When using book title in essay, it is important to write it in Italics so that the book title can be identified effectively.

Usually, a good piece of writing can be determined from its essay heading, which relies on varied essential characteristics. These characteristics entail the following:

  • The title needs to be framed that would generate interest amongst the readers
  • Major keyword identified throughout the essay is perfect for being set as a title
  • The requirement of a thesis statement
  • Construction of the overall goal into two words
  • Brainstorm ideas when developing a title

How to write Book Titles in Essays

Book titles in essays must always be written in Italics and within quotations (“”) as well at certain times. In addition, the essay title page of a book, from where the title was written, must be cited with a reference by giving the title page number. This title can either be a phrase of a poem or a story but still when being copied; it must be titled accordingly. However, when the titles of a poem, book, and movie are used, it is crucial to put them within quotations. Whereas, in case of copying any title or statement from newspapers or books, it is important to italicize it. This signifies that when using movie titles in essays, these must also be written within the quotation marks, but it should never be italicized because the titles of the movies are mostly found to be short. Besides, the fascinating fact is that referencing styles play a crucial role in designing the topic of an essay. In terms of APA referencing guidelines, a title of an essay is always placed in the center of the essay, and in this case, the title is never highlighted in bold. This title is recognized as the crucial element, which can be viewed by the readers.

Most of the writers who frame the titles know how to write movie titles. This is because the requirements and the process to be followed in performing this action are almost found to be similar. This similarity is observed in terms of highlighting the title derived from a book, journal, and online source or maybe even from songs among others. Even at times of framing a movie title, the overall context or the title must be italicized. During the process of framing the title of a movie, the following phases must be approached:

  • Implementing the brainstorming process
  • Examining the movie genre and the title
  • Using language which is clearly understood by the audience
  • Using proper in-text citations while designing the titles, and must even include a name of the director
  • Following-up the in-text citation style pattern of the chosen referencing style

Remarks that are usually given by the readers on the written papers largely depend on how the writers follow the given standard guidelines and requirements. Development of a title must also focus on the central idea of the story presented throughout the paper. Under this condition, utilization of grammar, as well as vocabulary throughout the content of the paper, must be highly emphasized by a writer.

Analysis on How to Make a Cover Page for an Essay

In order to know how to make a cover page for an essay, a writer must always ensure to follow the major requirements before writing an essay on the instructed topic. Since the cover page is the first part of the essay, presentation and design depend largely upon how the writers comply with every formatting guideline and structure properly. There are certain important rules that need to be followed by a writer focusing on the formatting guidelines. These rules can be stated as:

  • Keeping a title and author’s name middle aligned
  • The page number must be presented starting from the cover page
  • Page layout margin should always be kept normal
  • The writer must follow the standard spacing method, i.e., double spacing if not instructed

A standard cover page can be made possible ensured if the above rules and the major requirements are followed accordingly. A good cover page is bound to attract the readers and thereby generate interest amid them to read the essays. Text-format selection must be based on the instructions provided to a writer. In case it is not given, the standard writing format, i.e., Times New Roman, should be followed accordingly in every case. There are certain steps, which must mandatorily follow by a writer while developing a cover page outline for a particular essay. These steps can be further depicted as:

  • The first step is to write the title below one-third way down the page
  • The second step is to write the author or the writer’s name
  • The third step is to write the course information
  • The fourth step will be to provide the instructor’s name below the course information
  • The fifth step will be to collect data

The steps above may not apply to all essay formats because different referencing styles have their unique form of presenting the cover page of an essay. An essay writer has to set his/her objective of generating reliable and good titles for essays before writing them. On doing this, it becomes an easy job for a writer to select the best title. At times when writing essays, the writers need to ensure that titles of the essay written are exactly similar to the actual title projected in the respective source(s) to be considered. Even the slightest change, i.e., full stop or coma, needs to be prohibited when writing any sort of title of an essay. Some writers may lack knowledge in presenting essay titles that are good due to inadequate familiarity with the different formatting styles such as:

  • Writing title while using the APA formatting style
  • Unfamiliarity with the MLA formatting style
  • Less focused towards writing title style when using Harvard formatting style

Therefore, in order to develop good titles, writers must be familiar with the concerned issue and must attain knowledge on different formatting styles wherein the titles are usually written in different styles. Copying the title essay from its source is not permissible, and hence, certain procedures need to be followed for framing a good title that has been listed hereunder.

  • Maintaining that full title has been written correctly
  • Turning the written title into an italicized format in terms of independent title
  • Using quotation marks at the starting of the essay title as well as at its end

However, these requirements must also be fulfilled even in the case of generating different book title ideas. This is because it will help in learning the real procedure of developing applicable title ideas of a book to be presented in the essays. Considering the approach of generating a greater number of ideas on the book’s title, the below provided are the six major steps that need to be followed:

  • A writer has to collect four or five creative titles for essays
  • An individual must be able to remember the good attributes of a title
  • Acquire feedback from the readers of the audience on good titles
  • Paying for acquiring accurate feedback on the chosen titles
  • Selecting a title to portray the whole objective of the book
  • A writer must frame or choose good essay titles by evaluating feedbacks

Following these steps thus ensures an increase in the chances of attaining a varied range of good titles.

Learning How to title a paper

One of the basic knowledge that an essay writer must possess is how to title a paper. He/she must be able to set a title for the paper denoting his/her proficiency as an average or a good writer. This type of writer always generates an interest in the reader’s mind. There are other writers as well who actually forget this basic knowledge that they had once learned before five or more years. However, there exist some high-quality essay writers who tend to approach the different process of setting a paper title. As compared to the average and good writers, the high-quality essay writers are found to have the potential in developing the most influential and effective title. This is because they can frame a topic of the paper after obtaining all the given instructions. It can certainly enable the writers to understand the whole story of the paper and identify the key objective associated with it. This further empowers the writers to frame a title, which entails the whole objective and values being highlighted throughout the paper.

The high quality-based essay writers know about how to write a movie title in a paper because they possess adequate knowledge on representing it in the correct form in terms of the instructed referencing style. There are different types of research papers, and amongst all, academic research papers show a vast range of characteristics. Due to these features, academic research papers are further recognized to be the most trustworthy and factual-based papers. Similarly, academic research paper titles possess certain features that include:

  • Research papers titles ensure accurate scope as well as the subject of the study
  • Abbreviations are barely used, and this enables the reader to understand it easily
  • Words entailed in this type of papers, deliver a positive impression among the readers
  • Under the focused field of the study, current nomenclature is widely used

These are varied reasons, as a result of which, demands on completing academic papers are found to be high amidst the educational institutions.

Effectively Placing a Header for Essay

The header for an essay differs from one another as referencing and formatting styles to be used in the same are almost found to be different. Presenting headers depend on the layout and the margin of the papers. For example, in the case of MLA referencing format style, the header of the essay must be double-sized at the margin level of “8.5 x 11” and “1” on all the four sides. Conversely, in the case of APA referencing, the format and the margin level point is further set to be at 12 points. Thus, in this particular referencing style, the header of the paper is further aligned to the left in the form of capitalized letters. How to write a title in a paper can only be identified by the writers when they possess a sufficient knowledge after understanding the two major referencing styles, i.e. MLA and APA formats. When writing any sort of paper, writers gradually integrate their skills and capabilities to acquire different titles for research paper. Since academic papers are of different types, there are three important factors, which are considered by the writers. These factors can further be identified as:

  • Identifying the thesis of the article in the first place
  • Conducting research in order to provide strong justifications
  • Performing research in the first place before taking any other actions

Adoption and integration of these factors in writing any paper ensure effectiveness in attracting the readers by an extensive level. However, the best titles of a research paper can be considered as follows:

  • History-based research topic
  • Health-based research topic
  • Religion-based research topic
  • Technology-based research topic
  • Science/Environment-based research topic

These are the important titles that are used by the writers at the time of exploring facts and evidence.

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