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How to Write a Great Topic Sentence in a Few Easy Steps

August 16, 2019
How to Write a Great Topic Sentence in a Few Easy Steps

In your journey as a student, you will have to get through writing hundreds of essays before you are done with school. Although the papers may be different in terms of topic and requirements, certain things are common.

For example, most essays require that you have an introduction, body, and conclusion; these help in subdividing your work, so you know how to structure it correctly. When you are writing your paragraphs, topic sentences are an essential part of replaying your message.

A topic sentance can be the very first statement in your paragraph, or it can come in later. It depends on your style of writing, but what is important to remember is that it has to be there. The sentence gives a lot of meaning to your work, so you don’t struggle with structuring your paragraphs. It is also essential in making it easier for the reader to capture the main idea in the work you are writing.

What’s a Topic Sentence in Essay Writing?

It is the sentence that gives the main idea or summary of the information to be provided in a paragraph. The topic sentence examples work similarly to a thesis statement in providing the reader with an idea of what the section is about. Writing this part of your work is not as easy as it may seem at first. You need to understand how to give a meaningful statement that is direct to the point without preempting everything you want to write.

To understand what is a topic sentence is essential in avoiding confusion when you are writing and also for the reader. It points directly to what you want to discuss so you don't go off topic which may end up confusing the reader. This is not a good thing since it will negatively impact your scores. To write a good lead sentence, you need to pay attention to the following aspects:

  • The statement needs to be direct to the point without giving unnecessary information that doesn’t add value to what you are writing. Do not give too many details since you will do that after you have written the sentence.
  • The point needs to be very clear for the reader to identify. This is not the time to practice your suspense skills since it will confuse the reader and mess with the flow of your work.
  • Avoid filling your sentence with fluff or giving many minor details that the reader needs to connect. Work on your precision, so it is easy to understand and helps the reader.

Do not confuse between a hook and this sentence. A hook is used to capture the attention of the reader and may not necessarily introduce your discussion. However, a lead sentence points directly to your study but may sometimes have aspects of a hook. Remember that your sentence doesn't have to be the first sentence in your paragraph, but the hook needs to be at the beginning.

Why Is It Vital to Have these Sentences in Your Paper?

Learning how to write a topic sentence helps both you and the reader as far as understanding what you are writing is concerned. Some more features of the sentence include:

  • Introducing the main idea

Think of when you are writing a paper of any kind. An introduction is needed since, without it, your work may lack meaning and will be a bit confusing to both you and the reader. The same goes for learning how to write a good topic sentence. Without that introduction of your main idea, it leaves one hanging, and in the end, they may not understand what you are writing.

  • To enhance understanding

The sentence summarizes what you will write about so even before reading the rest of the paragraph; the reader already understands the general idea. In this way, they can follow your work, and the details you give will have more meaning.

  • Create a transition

Moving from one paragraph to the next can be difficult when you can't connect the two. The sentence provides you with good transition sentences so that your work has some form of flow or continuity, even if the ideas discussed are different.

Best Ideas to Use When Writing: Topic Sentence Example for Essays

When choosing good topic sentences, you need to consider the type of essay that you are writing. You need to ensure that the sentence introduces your tone and kind of essay without confusing the reader. The following are some examples following the different type of paper that you may be required to write.

Argumentative Lead Sentence

Understanding how to start a topic sentence needs you to follow the theme of an argumentative essay by introducing a particular argument in the beginning. You need to make it clear about the kind of essay that you are writing by ensuring that your sentence features the leading case in that essay. It should make the reader want to know more about the topic and to follow your argument. You need to convince the reader about your idea, and the best way to do that is to include it in the first few sentences in your work.

Some examples of topic sentences include:

  • Romance is the central theme in the story of Romeo and Juliette.
  • The coaches deserve the credit for the football team’s excellent performance.
  • Opening emails from unknown addresses the leading cause of email hacking in the world.

The above sentences examples are opinions that you would later on expound, but they introduce the main idea, so the reader knows what to expect in the rest of the paragraphs. They are clear and concise, so the reader has a good idea of your thoughts, so the next part is to convince him or her that you are correct.

Compare and Contrast Lead Sentence

In a compare and contrast essay, your sentence needs to introduce the differences or similarities in the idea. It makes it easier for the reader to identify the conflict awaiting your explanation of why you have the opinions that you have expressed. It is essential that in this type of essay, the two conflicting ideas appear in the beginning; otherwise, the whole paragraph may lack meaning.

Some topic sentences examples include:

  • McDonald's and Burger kind have similar menus, but their prices and customers are quite different.
  • A frog and toad may look similar to many people, but there are many significant differences in their physique.
  • African and many Asian countries have similar challenges, but their socio-economic lives are very different.

When trying to understand what’s a topic sentence, you should examine both the similarities and differences, so the reader has a clear picture of what to expect. The paragraph should then focus on highlighting more on those topics to conclude.

Narrative Lead Sentences

These are sentences that give a short narration about what the paragraph is all about. Even in narrations, you have to follow the correct structure and let every section discuss a particular aspect of the story. It should be exciting and captivating so the reader will want to read more of it. It is easy to make a narrative sentence longer than it needs to be which you should avoid since you will likely preempt everything. It is possible to keep the reader in suspense using your sentence without confusing him.

Some example of topic sentence includes:

  • Her fever was high, and she was unable to keep her eyes open, John didn't think she would make it through the night.
  • At that moment, she knew that everything that she had been through was his fault.
  • She was the kindest could you could ever meet, but after uncovering her past, the villagers started believing otherwise.

These narrative sentences keep the reader on edge waiting to see what would happen next. It introduces the idea in the mind of the reader so he will be keen to read about the backstory or get more details about the main topic.

Other tips that you should remember when learning to create good sentences include:

  • Before starting on your essay, ensure that you have a list of your main topics or ideas written down. This will help you in identifying what you should include in the sentences.
  • The topic sentence needs to convince the reader about your point. If it doesn't satisfy the reader, then it is unlikely that the rest of your work will.
  • The sentence should be as short as possible but should carry the main idea firmly. Long sentences give too much information that is unnecessary to the reader.
  • Use transition words to show the link between the sentences and the rest of your essay. They help the reader in connecting the two, which is essential for continuity.

Where Can I Get Sentence Examples for Essays Online?

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