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Simple and Easy Steps on How to Write a Conclusion

August 16, 2019
Simple and Easy Steps on How to Write a Conclusion

Every essay includes a conclusion part at the end of the paper, which is considered to be one of the essential aspects. It will give a clear picture to your instructor about what the paper suggests and summarizes. In addition, students can also highlight the consequences resulted from the essay and can give essential information at the last line of the Conclusion. Thus, it is necessary for a student to learn how to write a conclusion to highlight their findings.

The conclusion gives findings of the entire essay and further is considered to become a mirror of the introduction section. Only adding a conclusion at the end of the essay is not sufficient. However, it needs to be clear along with being precise by signifying a powerful impact to a piece. After reading the conclusion paragraph, the concept of essay can be made more transparent and have to leave a good impression on your instructor.

After you explain all the discussions and demonstrate arguments on the topic, the next step will focus on writing a conclusion for the essay. However, there is always confusion on how to start a conclusion. While beginning the conclusion section, it needs to start with redefining the thesis statement as well as add the main thought, which is extracted from the first paragraph of the body. Accordingly, the key idea from each paragraph needs to be inserted in the conclusion of the essay.

An essay without a conclusion is incomplete. This is because the conclusion holds a brief summary of the entire paper, so it is mandatory to know how to write a conclusion paragraph. While writing an essay, it always needs to take a guide from the introduction section and further should support the thesis statement of the essay. The main idea from each paragraph should be summarized and can also provide a suggestion for the achieved results. To bring new ideas, in conclusion, is completely prohibited and need to infer the points, which have been written in the above sections. However, it should end up with a positive note so that the instructor will approve your writing after reading the closing statement. To enhance the quality of the essay, providing valid conclusion is perceived as an essential aspect.

Guidelines of How to Conclude an Essay

In comparison with the other parts of the essay, the conclusion of the essay also needs to follow some guidelines for writing it in an adequate format. It depends upon the writer that what kind of style he or she wants to write. Here are some necessary steps of how to conclude an essay:

  • In the first step of writing a conclusion, it should start with reaffirming thesis statement, as it will give the instructor a flashback of the paper
  • Secondly, after briefing a thesis statement at the start of the conclusion section, it will infer the overall findings, which have been highlighted in the above sections
  • Lastly, conclude it by highlighting the importance of the essay along with its motive and what it wants to convey

In order to write a good essay, students need to be aware of how to end an essay in the best way possible. A writer while writing an essay must be clear with the thoughts and try to add important information. In addition, the conclusion part of the essay should be briefly discussed within a minimum of 10% of the entire paper. The conclusion part of the paper can be considered to be highly essential, as it helps in providing a closing paragraph.

Even after writing the main part of the essay, which is the body part the quality of writing should also be maintained or considered while writing a conclusion. It is important to maintain the quality of writing in every part of the essay to enhance the overall quality of the paper. Conclusion further needs an equal amount of importance, although it does not require any type of research before writing, as it is the only summary of the entire paper, which has already been writing in the above paragraph.

Sometimes, it is effortless to write an entire essay, if wider research on a given topic is not conducted. Consequently, the students might get confused regarding how to write a conclusion for an essay. The conclusion of the essay should not be repeated, which has already written in the introduction, neither a copy of the thesis statement. While writing a conclusion, always keep in mind that it is not the right place to start new arguments. Always try to end the conclusion with a proper closing sentence, as in case of recommendation, it is needed for the essay and can easily be demonstrated by proofreading the conclusion part.

Tips on How to Write Conclusion in Minimum Time Period

There are specific tips or ways to start a conclusion and complete it in minimum time. One of these tips or techniques is consideration of the amount of the overall contents used in an essay. It has always been an essential aspect of how to write conclusion in a minimum period because it is viewed to be the essence of an essay and its overall summary.

While writing a conclusion by consuming less amount of time, proofreading the essay can be considered as the other important tip, as it will help to maintain its quality. Students always face difficulty about how to start a conclusion paragraph after implementing numerous ideas and evidence in the paper. Every measure or the methods of writing essay affects the conclusion no matter if it is a long or a short essay. However, in both aspects, it is vital to point to know the procedure of how to end a conclusion.

Another important tip of writing and ending a conclusion within a minimum time period is paraphrasing. The concept of paraphrasing is mostly used at the time of writing as well as ending a conclusion since the entire essay is written on the basis of research done by a student and upon the facts presented. Since writing a conclusion of an essay is based on its overall findings, it might have a significant influence over the experience of the instructor towards the completed paper. The conclusion segment of any particular essay demonstrates the issues that have been raised by accessing several sources such as scholarly journal articles, books along with authentic online websites, synthesizes thoughts as well as opinions and reveals the significance of the ideas being presented. These sources eventually pave the way to generate valid results for an essay and thereby help to write a proper conclusion in a minimum time period.

Lots of conclusion lines are the mirror of the Introduction section, but it cannot be simply copied from the introduction. It should be restated briefly without changing the meaning of the sentence. To craft a high-quality essay with a good conclusion, students need to meet the requirements. Essay writing during the period of availing the academic course for the student is essential, as they have to think in a bigger and different perspective. The students are evaluated based on the essay submitted by them and will estimate their understanding of the course.


The Essence of How to Make a Conclusion

The conclusion part of an essay is always considered to the last paragraph of the paper and summarizes all the valid points of a piece in brief. It can prefer providing recommendation for further studies regarding future researches can be conducted. After getting a review of the conclusion, the areas on which further research can be done are significantly described in this section. Justifiably, the process of how to make a conclusion is necessary for future research to take place.

While writing a conclusion for an essay or a paper, all the important arguments should be included in an understandable way so that a valid inference can be made in the end. Thus, to fulfill all the requirements asked by the tutor or supervisor, it is good to know how to make a good conclusion for crafting an appropriate essay. There are many words to start a conclusion, as it will develop a good impression in the instructor’s mind. The starting words of paragraphs give a positive impact on an instructor. If the same words are continuously repeating in the essay or within an item, the instructor will not provide such writing a high mark.

While concluding an essay along with the arguments, some quotations can also be added to make it reliable in support of the answer so that the students agree upon it. Briefly, the students should know about how to write an essay conclusion, as it is regarded as one of the integral parts of an essay. Some of the instructors just go through the conclusion to get an idea of what essay is about. The objective of the essay should be clearly visible in the conclusion. The objectives or requirement of the paper should match with the results of the paper. There are major criteria as many of the essays follow for how to write a good conclusion. The conclusion does not depend upon the length of the paper, whether it is a short paper or a long paper.

Creative Ideas Articulated under Conclusion Examples

There are various samples, which can be taken as an example, as it will be easier to prepare an outline of the essay and would be easier to write a conclusion. There are differences in writing a conclusion after knowing the procedure as well as writing it without knowing the procedure of conclusion. Referring to conclusion examples can be useful while concluding an essay effectively. The facts presented in an essay should be authentic and real, so it will be easier to give some suggestion in conclusion along with making some comment, which the instructor will consider.

Conclusion starters play a crucial role under conclusion examples in writing a high-quality essay. Some parts of the essays need to be highly effective such as the title of the essay, presentation or the outline of the essay, and conclusion. These are the areas based on which the instructor mainly focuses upon. All parts of an essay have their roles along with impacts. For example, the introduction of the essay has to be in such a way that the instructor should know the base of the essay. The body part of the essay will explain or discuss every point, facts, or arguments presented in the paper in depth, as well as the outcomes of the essay. Thus, after reviewing the entire perspective, a conclusion needs to be prepared.

In the conclusion paragraph outline, the selection of statements can be done to be briefed in conclusion. Preparing an outline for the conclusion will help to eliminate the confusion, what to include, and what to exclude from the body of the essay. The structure, as well as the writing pattern of conclusion, is important, as it will vary from one essay to another. The outline of the conclusion will be similar to the outline prepared for the essay according to the requirements while writing an essay or a conclusion, which is highly inappropriate. Thus, to avoid such issues, an outline for an essay is critical.

Although the essay presented does not carry any fact or the real idea, but the essay conclusion has to be there at the end of each and every essay. The instructions that are given initially for writing an essay is useful before making a final submission, as it will verify the indistinct points and mistakes being made during the writing.

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