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Hints for Simplifying Personal Essay Writing Process

August 16, 2019
Hints for Simplifying Personal Essay Writing Process

A personal essay can be defined as an assignment writing procedure for a student, wherein a student narrates his or her own experience through the educational course. It is also applied for an individual, who is working in an organization, and his or her boss needs an experience or feedback statement from the same associated with the learning from work. Writing experiences related to work or educational course, learning experience, real-life challenges, and its overcoming process at the time of working or studying, memorable days of work or educational career, and own success story among others are the major personal essay examples, which has been conducted by an individual during the period of working or studying.

Moreover, a personal essay helps an individual to know more about her or himself. It is also a type of paper, which is practiced in most of the educational courses to determine the student’s learning experience. For this reason, how to write a personal essay has been elaborated in this study. It will help a student to develop a personal reflective or personal narrative essay for their study. Besides, writing an essay about job experiences, communicational development sharing, team management, establishment, and own tour experiences are also considered to be included under personal narrative essay examples. It helps an individual to remember his or her learning experience in an effective manner, which can be perceived as the main purpose of any type of mentioned personal essay.

Common Personal Essay Topics

Personal essays are mainly written based on self-experience and own thoughts concerning specific events or incidents. The section mentioned above provides knowledge, which can help a student to know what is a personal essay. However, most of the students as along with working individuals face fear and confusion in the initial stage of writing a personal essay. This nervousness can be considered to be natural phenomena, wherein students must focus on examining adequate process. Before starting a personal essay, a student must focus on how to start a personal essay. Topic selection is the first aspect, which leads a student to write an effective personal essay. The common topics of personal essays are:

  • Personal experiences
  • Childhood
  • School years
  • Personal relationship
  • Self-Morality or responsibility
  • Interests & hobbies
  • Traveling experiences
  • Student life
  • Future planning

In relation to topics related to personal experiences, a student can consider various good as well as bad experiences to write in an essay. In addition, most embarrassing situations and the steps to overcome the situation is one of the major factors of personal essay topics. For instance, using topic childhood, a student can describe the early life experiences of his or her. Furthermore, good and bad childhood memory can be included in this topic of personal essay writing.

For example, the topic ‘School years’ can focus on portraying students’ own experience in his or her school along with its activities. This topic mainly helps to remember the old days of joy. Besides, ‘Personal relationship’ is another major topic, which has been chosen by most of the essay students, as it helps them to present his or her relationship with others such as friends, family, and parents, among others. This topic is the easiest topic for a personal essay student, as he or she can easily connect with the close ones, which leads them to create a proper informative and quality essay. Self-morality or responsibility is a part of the personal relationship essay. A student here can mainly focus on reflecting moral responsibility in any kind of personal essay.

Besides, personal interest is another topic, which also assists one to create an effective personal essay for his or her purpose. It helps to develop discussion associated with any specific matter or habit. Apart from this, traveling is one of the most interesting topics in essay writing. Finally, the topic of ‘Future planning’ provides an opportunity for the student to discuss own future plans. These are the common topics, which can be selected by a student to write an effective personal essay.

How to Start a Personal Narrative Paper

An attractive personal essay mainly inspires individuals in their life to develop similar documentation. For this reason, the students must be aware of how to start a personal narrative for sharing own experiences with others. This section of the article provides relative information associated while starting a personal narrative essay. Students while writing a narrative essay must think about an important life activity in the initial stage of personal essay writing. This can be considered to be the initial step of personal narrative writing.

After this step, the student must focus on the personal essay format to present an effective essay. Hence, three major processes of any essay writing have to be considered herein, i.e. Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. Additionally, students must write a proper essay outline using three primary aspects of essay writing. However, a student may face major issues to categorize facts as well as information in the mentioned essay parts. It can be considered to be the first issue, which has to be resolved by a student to start a narrative essay. For this reason, one must think that it is a personal experience essay, and he or she needs to share his or her own experiences.

Based on this thinking, a student must include a background in the introduction section with an overview of the entire essay. Hence, the aim and objective making is the second aspect, which has to be developed by a student in the Introduction section. There is one more aspect, which is to be included in this section of the paper, which is called the thesis statement. This helps in providing a proper indication to the instructors. It further assists in understanding the intention of the paper. Instructors can easily assume the main purpose of the essay through the thesis statement. Hence, a student must include a thesis statement to develop to give the instructor what the essay will focus on.

About the body, the thesis, and the aim of the essay need to be proved effective, which is also inferred in the Conclusion section. After this process, one must conduct a proofreading process to develop a proper paper. You can ask for a personal narrative essay example from your instructor or look for one on the web. This approach can lead the student to create one of the best personal essays in his or her educational or work institution.

How to Create a Personal Experiences Essay for College or School

Personal experience essay is one of the popular papers, which can be written by most of the students in his or her educational career. Personal experiences essay mainly portray the real-life experience of a student. Most of the educational organization in the world provides various types of assignment in order to enhance knowledge as well as learning in a particular issue or a topic. Sometimes tutors/supervisors of a college and schools want to know the personal experience of each student for the purpose of measuring their teaching and learning. This leads each student to write a proper essay associated with personal writing.

Besides, students of a school may face problem while writing an essay for the first time to create an effective personal essay. He or she may get confused to select a proper topic for the essay. It can further lead to creating major difficulties in his or her educational career and learning. In the initial stage, students may take help from fro his or her respective tutors or supervisors. In addition, the students can read the previous sections of this paper to write a proper personal essay. With respect to the college, students can also face issues similar to that of the school students. Hence, the students must also emphasize ‘how to write a personal essay for college.’ In this scenario, the above section can also help a college student to find a proper topic for a personal essay.

Based on the above-mentioned process, a college and school student can easily write a personal essay. However, he or she may not be able to address the requirements given by the school or university. For this reason, the students must also focus on maintaining the essay quality. In this situation, the students can further emphasize the essay representation technique in detail manner. It can help students to find out the grammatical along with typo errors, which generally hampers the quality of the essay. Furthermore, students can take personal help from his or her respective supervisors to enhance the quality of any paper.

For external help, the students can search free personal narrative essay on the internet, which also can assist in finding various topics related to the personal experiences essay. The student also can take help from the online academic service provider for obtaining proper knowledge associated with essay writing. Most importantly, the student must consider an essay topic, which he or she can write descriptively. Finding relevant literature is one of the most effective processes, which helps a student to write a proper personal experience essay.

Benefits Derived from Personal Narrative Examples College Essays

By learning how to write a personal narrative essay, a student can write his or her essay to inspire others to develop an effective essay. In any college, juniors learn from their seniors as well as teachers. Hence, each junior student may face an issue in writing a personal essay for the first time. In this scenario, they can examine senior’s projects or essays as valid examples. At the same time, a student can take help from the tutors for writing personal narrative examples college essays to be able to learn newer things over time. This mainly helps in developing a strong personal essay, which assisted juniors in pushing themselves in educational survival. Expected marks in an exam can be received by following personal narrative samples of seniors.

For the reason mentioned above, a student of a college, as well as schools, must create a proper personal essay, which can set a strong along with information examples of personal essay for the juniors. It can develop proper educational support for new students in a college; wherein each newcomer can enhance his or her knowledge and skills at the time of writing a personal essay. It also develops the writing skills of each student, which helps in reducing grammatical mistakes in any writing. Most importantly, it helps a student in various types of exams, wherein he or she can improve self-performance. With regular practice, students can achieve their expected marks in personal essays.

Personal Essays Examples and Its Implementation

In this particular section of the article formation, along with the implementation of a personal essay can be discussed using one of the above-mentioned personal essays examples. Therefore, it can be stated that the essay of personal experiences concerning a particular event is the most popular assignment. This can be provided by any educational institution. For this reason, personal experiences essay can be elaborated to support students, who are studying in an educational institute such as school or a college, among others. This type of essay can be segregated into three parts, i.e., outline, format, and idea. By synchronizing these three aspects, a student can write an effective personal essay.

The student must create a proper personal essay outline before starting his or her personal experiences. According to the explanations of the above sections, a student must write the title of a personal essay, which completely relates to his or her personal events such as traveling, studying, working, and completing a course among others. After this, students must focus on the essay’s Introduction part, wherein he or she must provide a background of personal experiences such as “In the 26th day of November I traveled to Rome for studying, wherein I have gathered fascinating experiences, which changed my life completely”. Following this, the students must develop a thesis statement by writing, “This essay aims to discover my personal experiences throughout the course.”

About the Body section, students must use certain words to express the experience such as ‘I have experienced,’ ‘I have learned,’ ‘I discovered,’ and ‘I found that’ among others. These words help students to share actual experiences with the instructor in an effective manner. All the experiences, along with learning activities, must be identified in the Conclusion section for creating an effective personal essay. Concerning personal essay formats, a student must focus on the font, header, space, and footer of the essay. Most importantly, each student must follow the academic requirements to write a quality paper. Students must format his or her paper based on the academic standard provided by the tutor or the institution such as Harvard, APA, MLA, Chicago, and Oscola among others. By following this, an effective essay can be prepared, which will help in writing an effective personal experience essay.

The last and most important aspect of personal essay writing is portraying personal essay ideas. In this context, students must understand the personal essay using the above-mentioned processes and ideas. Using one of the discussed topics in the above sections; a student can create a proper essay for the study. Moreover, each student may face a major issue for the first time during the period of writing. Hence, the student must narrow down his or her topic for developing a proper personal essay.

Thus, by following these processes and ideas, a student can write an effective personal essay, which will lead them to success in academics. The personal essay also develops students’ skills in writing. Therefore, personal essay plays a major role in the life of a school or a college student. Nevertheless, if you still have doubts about writing a personal essay, don’t worry, there are professional writers who can help. So, hurry up, place your order today!

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