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Common Types of Essays to Consider

August 16, 2019
Common Types of Essays to Consider

Primarily, a student writes different types of essays in his or her educational career. The knowledge and ability of a student can be developed properly by writing an academic essay. Hence, essay writing plays a major role in a student’s career, wherein the student must aware of varied types of essays. Mainly, there are four categories of essays:

  • Descriptive essay
  • Narrative essay
  • Persuasive essay
  • Expository essay

These are the major categories of essays, which help in enhancing different knowledge of a student in various ways.

In relation to the descriptive essay, it reflects detail information associated with the place, person, concept, and object. Various types of the picture, along with images have been used in this study for discussing the major aspects of the subject matter. The students while writing this kind of essay conduct deep research to find out the meaning of a topic and its impacts on the relevant sector. The instructors of this kind of essays receive a deep along with detailed information and facts. However, the student considers sensory approach for presenting each fact using appropriate words.

With respect to the narrative essay, it reflects personal activities along with the thoughts of a student. The writing style of this essay is similar to that of the descriptive essay. The student describes a personal phenomenon related to a real-life experience as well as learning in this kind of essay. An attractive story can be written in this type of essay. Mainly, the challenges faced by the student and its overcoming experience have been included in the narrative essay. Overall, a personal statement of learning can be elaborated in a narrative essay. Most of the time, the first person such as ‘I’, ‘we’ and ‘me’ among others have been used in this type of essay.

On the other hand, the narrative essay is one of the papers, which promotes a proper process of essay writing. The student adopts the argumentative approach for writing a paper to fulfill the requirements of the above-mentioned type of essay. The information associated with a topic has been successfully explored, which lead a student towards attaining success in his or her educational career. Hence, this type of essay plays a major role in a student’s life because if he or she is able to write good essays then only one can score well in his academics. However, with increasing competition and enhanced academic standards, it becomes difficult for a student to comply with all the requirements.

Hence, it is important for a student to write a good persuasive essay. In this type of essay, rational facts along with recommendation must be provided by the author based on a case. Primarily, a detailed analysis using their own perspective can be in this type of essay. The student must write contradictory phrases to define argumentative explanation for examining major facts of a case. In addition, logical explanation as well as providing required evidence is the main aspect of a persuasive essay. The students cover all the positive and negative side of a case using proper argument and reason. The instructor receives a rational explanation of a fact through a persuasive essay.

At last, the Expository essay includes facts, mathematical, and statistical explanations. A student has used statistics along with logical examples to create a feasible essay. However, one does not include any kind of personal information in this type of essay. A student must select one of these essay types to develop a relevant study. Moreover, the goal of an essay is important herein because the kind of essay selection entirely depends upon it. For example, a student tries to prove the economic effect on a particular organization or company, wherein the expository essay is the most feasible option to explain the topic.

Types of Papers Associated with the Essay Categories

Various types of papers have been written using essay kinds along with their categories. Some of the major paper types, which has been elaborated in this section of the study. The following paper types are mainly written by most of the students all over the world:

  • Definition Paper
  • Analytical Paper
  • Interpretive Paper
  • Cause and Effect Paper
  • Argumentative Paper

These are the common types, which have been writing by a student in his or her educational career. In relation to definition paper, the proper definition of a concept or theory has been evaluated. In addition, relevant facts from various sources associated with theory have been presented in this type of paper. This type of paper mainly creates a proper framework of a theory or a model for an organization or business. In relation to the essay, the definition paper can be considered to be descriptive in nature, whereas the analytical paper is an expository essay.

On the other hand, the analytical paper focuses on presenting proper viewpoints on a topic. A student conducts proper arrangement to define comparing and contrasting in this type of paper. Most of the negative as well as positive aspects of a subject matter have been properly discussed in an analytical paper.

Furthermore, an expository essay is one of the essay formats, which develops illustrating skills of a student. A student can develop evidence and logic using mathematics and statistical data as well as solutions using expository essay. It helps the instructor as along with the student to find and explain the required information regarding a topic. It clarifies a result, which helps in understanding the standpoint against or favor of the created thesis statement. Consequently, the persuasive essay process is another type, which enhances the knowledge of a learner, as it provides a chance to examine a real-life case scenario.

Subsequently, cause and effect paper emphasizes the major cause of an issue in an organization or company. Preferable steps for resolving the issue is mostly described in cause and effect paper.

A proper interpretation of a theory, model, as well as own experiences, have been written in the interpretive paper. This type of paper mainly focuses on describing a large volume of information associated with a topic or experience. Sometimes, a case can be properly examined and discussed in this type of paper. On the other hand, the interpretive paper is one of the narrative types of essay, wherein the cause and effect of a subject matter are explored in details.

At last, the argumentative paper includes creates a two-sided explanation. A student focuses on proving the positive effects of unnecessary activities along with the negative effects of traditional activities in an organization. Hence, proper analysis can be conducted in this kind of paper.

A student can ask for a similar college essay template from the teachers to produce an effective essay. The design and the thesis statement can be developed based on paper types. A student can easily choose an essay based on his or her preference. Hence, based on this knowledge, its classification is an important aspect for each student during their academic career so that they can address the requirements of every type.

Understanding How an Essay Forms Effectively

To write an essay, a student must develop his or her knowledge associated with the essay formation techniques and its implementation. However, essay formation can help a student to enhance the overall quality of a paper. For this reason, this section of the article elaborates how effective essay forms. In addition, it further helps in clarifying the process as well as aspects, which needs to be included in an essay. However, a student can search for an essay sample online by searching type an essay online for free due to high confusion and fear to write an effective essay. It may work effectively, but it also can further help in preventing knowledge enhancement of a student. For this reason, a proper process of essay formation can be explained to develop essay writing skills of a student.

In the initial stage of essay formation, a student must create a proper idea of essay based on a particular subject in his or her educational field. The only proper topic can lead a student to form a feasible essay. This method can work for writing any type of essays because without an appropriate topic, an essay cannot be written effectively. Moreover, a student can categorize his or her own essay using the information above of this article, which helps him or her to include the required information to the paper.

Besides, one must develop a proper outline of the essay using the knowledge mentioned above associated with the types essays. In relation to the outline, a student can draw a circle or boxes in a piece of paper. It can help to categorize all the factors, which are to be included in the essay. However, the unnecessary thoughts, as well as the facts associated with the topic, will also be eliminated by using this process of essay writing or formation. Most importantly, the author must write the title of the essay in a blank sheet. It may happen that he or she will not able to write a catchy topic for the first time, but it can be easily changed after rephrasing the words associated with the topic.

A student must develop a thesis statement, which during the period of making any of types essay, which has been discussed earlier in the study. Subsequently, a student must have proper knowledge related to the development of a thesis statement. The author must look after a clear vision associated with the thesis statement. Only a good thesis statement helps a student to create an effective essay as per the requirement of the tutor.

After developing a proper thesis statement development, the student should start the essay, including three major parts, i.e. Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. These three parts are the major aspect of writing an essay. The entire planning of essay writing can be written successfully by including these three aspects in an essay. In the introduction part, the student must introduce a thesis statement to prove that in the essay body. After this, relevant arguments along with the diagrams must be provided in the body on the basis of essay type. It can help in providing the thesis in an effective manner. In the conclusion stage, the thesis has been appropriately proved based on the evidence found in the body section. By following these processes, a student can easily write an essay for his or her educational requirement.

Understanding Various Kinds of Essays

Considering all the above aspects, the descriptive essay is one of the kinds of essays, wherein a student receives an opportunity to develop a paper, wherein he or she can write descriptively. The student can provide an adequate amount of information in this kind of essay. On the other hand, compare and contrast essay is another type of essay, which focuses on developing a proper argument in the paper. Fundamentally, an essay is a type of documentation, which examines vital aspects that are, associated with a subject matter and provides a proper viewpoint. Hence, the compare and contrast essay provides a chance for a student to conduct a proper analysis related to the cause and effect of a fact as along with the information.

Most of the tutors/supervisors provide a task to create a narrative essay based on the real-life experience through the entire course. In the primary stage, students may face difficulty to write a compelling narrative essay. In this situation, students come up with time-related issues while completing their assignments. This is when they can take help from essay samples available online irrespective of the essay type. The order needs to be given to type a paper, which the students can submit and attain good grades. If you are still not confident enough to write various essay styles, you can take help from our essay writing service to produce high-quality essays. Place your order now for getting customized essays!

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