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The Best Way to Write a Topic Sentence

August 16, 2019
The Best Way to Write a Topic Sentence

When you begin writing such assignments, begin with a question. These types of works should summarize a given paragraph, whereby a reader is capable of understanding the rationale of the complete work. From a number of topic sentence examples on our site, you can learn that a thesis statement is also vital for the complete definition of a topic sentence.

In case you have an instructor's prompts, or you have your own essay idea, or you've been reading about a particular topic, you should include a question that must be answered. This statement can also be referred to as the thesis question.

An example of such topic sentences is: "Why has Robert increased so much in urban cities?

Secondly, you now need to focus on answering the question. Many students think that writing a strong thesis is extremely difficult. However, this should not be the case since you are simply expected to answer the pending question. Generally, the thesis response is the exact answer that the reader expects to see in your paper.

Are still asking yourself: “how to write a topic sentence?”

Our experts tried their best and considered some of the best reasons for a question such as: Why are cases of violence increasing day by day?

  • Kids are not able to differentiate between reality and fiction.
  • Young people are fond of being obsessed, and they'll aspire to be like the actors in movies.
  • Many parents are not bothered to monitor what their children do.
  • Video games and now becoming increasingly violent.
  • Children are desensitized when watching violent movies.
  • Shooting cases are continuously increasing, and society is getting used to it.

Best Tricks Concerning How to Write a Good Topic Sentence

Do you want to know how to start a topic sentence? It is vital to perfect your competence in writing subject phrases with the use of a topic sentence example. This type of assignments usually appears at the start of a paragraph in an essay and assists the reader to know what to expect in the rest of the paragraphs. For instance, if you are working on a movie review, consider introducing your work with a headline, which has to be proper and attractive. The sentence should include the main points outlined in the paragraph.

Include the main ideas in a clearly defined manner since this type of sentence is normally the first in your essay. The subject matter discussed in your essay should not be difficult for the reader to comprehend.

Many students still do not know how to write a good topic sentence. However, there are trick one can apply for this. One of the tricks to use when writing these sentences is ensuring that you include vital details related to the topic. You have to understand that it should attract the reader to continue reading. For instance, including sentences like “I am focusing on discussing the significance of vegetation” might not be good enough and creative to the reader. Consider advancing and narrowing down the topic to a more defined subtopic. This enables you to elaborate more about what you are discussing since it eliminates the idea of being so general.

Balance your topics between general and specific information. This type of sentence should be connected to the main thesis statement of your paper. Nonetheless, focus on ensuring that the subject phrase maintains a good balance between being too broad and being too narrow.

Avoid vague ideas, information also. We have along of examples of topic sentences, and from them, you will learn that vague sentences make no sense to the reader; so, you should not include this in a single sentence. For instance, when you say: “The world is fighting corruption” is being too broad and might make that reader to ask about the specific countries. In that case, focus on being specific and narrowing down your thesis.

The Best Format You Can Quickly Note From Various Topic Sentences Examples

When writing these papers, ensure to hook your reader to the point. One vital role that subject phrases play is drawing the attention of the reader into what is being discussed in the entire text. For this reason, aim at presenting the relevant questions to the mind of whoever is reading your paper. Based on a number of topic examples most effective manner to do this is presenting an action, fiction or a story to them. Below are the most recommended ways in which you can present this type of sentences. Learn how to write topic sentences by following the following tips:

  • Define the characters, which can be expressed emotionally or physically in the description.
  • Apply dialogues. Conversations will effectively attract the reader to continue reading when this is placed at the beginning of your work
  • Express emotions: Subject phrases at the beginning of your texts will look creative if emotions are portrayed.
  • Include more details about a given topic. For this case, consider using sensory languages in the subject phrase. This enhances creativity, even if you’ve to avoid including many details in your paper.
  • Eliminate rhetorical queries. Since the reader will obviously create their own question in mind, ensure you’ve not formulated your own questions.

One of the most important from our experts – ensure you keep your work neat and brief. If you are unsure of what you are doing, research on how to make a topic sentence and you will be good to go. This type of paper should be written in a manner that displays information clearly and avoids the instances where readers have to look for particular information. Clarity makes it possible for the reader to find the points included in every sentence. For subject phrases, there should be more clarity compared to thesis statements. However, the information included in this type of sentence should never encompass the ideas included in the paragraphs. This means that you should focus on being brief and on point.

Moreover, provide significant opinions. From an example of a topic sentence written by our experts, you will note something about shortening points in the subject sentence. In the body section of your essay, the reader expects you to prove the information included in the subject phrase. In that case, ensure you’ve mentioned whatever is discussed in the body earlier on in the subject phrase. Select your opinions critically to ensure they make sense and do not confuse the reader. Don’t present a lot of facts in the subject phrases, although they might seem to be logic to include. Facts are interesting but will not introduce the reader to what is being discussed in the essay. In that case, it should include your own input and opinions, which should make sense. You can save any important fact for the body section since it will make your essay to be concrete and professional.

Additionally, make your sentence in the form of a transition. Sentences that operate as transitions will effectively guide the reader to effectively understand the entire essay work. Transitions will also avoid the case where the reader gets lost while reading a particular sentence.

For many topic sentences examples, transitional phrases have been used to link ideas. Transition phrases include ‘in contrast to, additionally, moreover etc. These elements are applicable when you can to link your ideas into one paragraph. However, ensure you’ve mastered the meaning of these transitional words before using them.

The Best Example and Information Included in the Topic Sentance

Are you wondering how to create a topic sentence? When creating a subject sentence that will effectively capture the reader’s attention, ensure you’ve clearly defined the essay outline. Every paragraph should be outlined in a manner that it individually stands on its own to define specific points, ideas and goals. Topics sentences are purposed to identify the major point in an essay. In that case, you will need to identify the points to be included in the paragraphs to determine the subject phrase to write. Points can be noted easily when you include a clear outline for that.

You also need to comprehend the connection between the subject phrase and the thesis statement. The thesis statement will present the vital goals, arguments and ideas in your essays. These statements can be analytical or persuasive depending on the type of essay and points you are writing. You can also include subtopic that will be retrieved from the information in the main topic sentance. This will further strengthen the rationale of your paper since it provided more basis of the entire argument or discussion include in your essay.

Below are some of the example topic sentences you can refer from. Writing the best subject phrases can be easier if you check on some of the best and approved essays. Professional services have qualified professionals who are capable of writing high-quality subject phrases for your essays. Just contact a legit online freelancing company, and you will be assisted promptly.

Take a look at the following example of a topic sentence: “Additionally, availing funds for road contractions will potentially lead to the development of other sectors and infrastructure” For this sentence, the main idea ‘availing funds’ can be obtained, which additional information, as subtopic, can also be read. From the sentence, the reader understands that developing road network can have a significant influence on the development of social amenities among other relevant elements in an urban environment.

However, aim to be more creative and include more information like the specific types of infrastructural development to be seen as a result of the expansion of road networks. This will be more interesting if you will be able to include some proof of infrastructural development due to road network development. Ensure your purpose to expand on the information you’ve included in the subject phrase since the reader will be interested to learn more from you. Search online for good topic sentence examples to learn more.

What to Avoid: Learn More from Our Topic Statement Examples

We have a lot of topic statement examples, which you can learn from. Never list your ideas randomly. Despite the fact you are aspiring to provide your reader with a test of what to expect in the essay topic sentence body, you should not reveal all the information to them at the start. In that case, you should not be tempted to include your points in the beginning; but rather provide some minimal task of what should follow in the upcoming paragraphs. This means that you should not explain everything in the beginning, but include any relevant information on what the reader should anticipate.

Do not start writing topic sentences with a quote, since it means that this is not your information but someone else’s. The reader will expect to get a hint of what you want to discuss in your paper and not a bunch of facts and information from scholarly sources. Since it’s an introductory paragraph, it should be written in your own words since it is only an overview of the information well-defined in the body paragraphs.

Avoid including information that won’t be explained in the body paragraphs. Do not promise a reader something he/she won’t read in your essay. When you’ve promised to discuss a particular fact, opinion or element, ensure that you’ve critically analysed it in your essay. Again, if you want to write a good topic sentence, do not waste your subject phrase with information you won’t define in the body paragraphs.

Ensure that all the points and ideas are arranged in a logical order following the recommend topic sentence structure. Carefully scrutinize your subject phrases and choose the best way in which your points will be aligned in the paper. To submit the best papers for grading, ensure that one idea leads to the other. Even if these ideas join together, ask yourself if they make sense and if they are the best one for your essay. Your main purpose for ensuring this is because you want to turn in a high-quality argument that assures you a better grade. The best trick to use for this is writing your points somewhere else and summarizing them as you focus on researching them further before preparing the final document.

General Information about Topic Sentence Ideas

In case you are still stranded on where to get the best topic sentence ideas to feel free to contact professional service, and competent writers will be available to assist you. However, we have summarized the general tips and information you should keep in mind while writing strong topic sentences.

  • Ensure to include transitional phrases to link your points effectively. However, before you outline the points and transitional words to use, you need to familiarize yourself with the question: “what are topic sentences?”
  • Focus on presenting an interesting argument. For this case, aim at being creative and not including obvious information that might be boring to the reader.
  • Maintain proper use of adjectives, adverbs and verbs since your reader does not expect to struggle with reading a poorly written paper. Determining the exact words to use for this type of assignment starts with the knowledge of a subject phrase. In that case, you need to ask yourself: “what is a topic sentence in an essay?”
  • Include interesting ideas in a logical order. Start with standard information before going to more complex ideas.
  • Lastly, master the proper format for your essay.

Feel free to contact professional services in case you need expert guidance on how to complete an essay effectively. We provide quality and plagiarism-free assistance to all students in high-school, college and university. Contact us now.

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