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Importance of Writing Rhetorical Précis to Gain Good Grades

August 16, 2019
Importance of Writing Rhetorical Précis to Gain Good Grades

A rhetorical précis can be defined as the summary of main points, which helps in summarising not only the content but also the delivery of written discourse. It is actually a structured paragraph and is mainly made of four sentences. Rhetorical précis format aims at transforming a complete piece of writing into a short summary. It can further be stated that each of the four sentences highlights proper information instead of just using quotations or terminal bibliographic reference in such a kind of writing.

Precis allows gaining an understanding of the core intention of the text and also follows a particular format, which helps students to understand the structure of the text. Students should also possess a complete understanding of how to write a précis effectively. Writing this type of paper is not considered an easy task, and hence, several steps should be followed, which has thus been discussed in the preceding sections. One of the significant phases of writing a rhetorical essay is the précis format, which is mostly considered by the students as an easy nut to crack. However, considering the reality, it needs to be understood that students must focus largely on this task as it is the foundation stone for the proper completion of the précis.

If a student is unable to understand the topic of his/her précis writing, then it is impossible for him/her to complete it reliably despite having a higher level of proficiency. A précis cannot be considered as an essay or re-writing article. It shouldn’t tell about the incidents or the facts, but it helps in summarizing a core spirit of the main file. On the other hand, it provides the instructors within information on the facts and its consequence. It also helps teachers to determine the students’ writing abilities, which can further assist in assessing the logical expressiveness of their thoughts. A strong précis example provides students with additional assistance in writing it efficiently.

Critically Analysing what is a Précis

When students ask, “What is a précis?” and “How can it be identified?”, teachers are mostly found to answer that it is nothing but a logical summarisation of a particular text. The length of its contents can be considered as the foremost determining factor. Sometimes, it has been observed that the length of the precis can be one fifth or one-sixth of the original content. It is now clear that to define precis; it is essential for a student to possess a clear idea of the actual text and the skill of writing. Precis writing actually refers to a well-structured statement in an abstract form. It is the gist of a content which has been expressed in a few words as per the requisites. A precis statement provides the essential points and even helps the instructor to understand the key idea behind the original passage.

Rhetorical precis example can help students to understand such kinds of writings. The format of this writing can further be stated in a single sentence including the author’s name, work title as well as the date in parenthesis. There also exists certain accurate verb which has been used in the writing such as "assert," "argue," "deny," "refute," "prove," disprove," "explain," etc. It can be further stated that ‘that’ clause should contain a major claim to the work. Coming to the next part, of the description of the manner, here the author develops and supports the major claim of the paper. The purpose and the aim of the author’s work should also be cleared with respect to the paper and in alignment with their intentions.

Advice to the Students on How to Write a Rhetorical Precis

The below are certain tips that can be advised to the students about how to write a rhetorical precis, following of which some positive outcomes such as enhanced English writing skills can be generated:

  • Sentence One: It includes the name of author, genre, and title of work along with the date in parentheses. It also includes a rhetorically active verb and a clause which has obtained the major claim or thesis in the passage
  • Sentence Two: It can be stated that an explanation is given on how the author develops and supports the thesis concerning the given topic
  • Sentence Three: It can further be stated that a statement should include the author’s clear purpose and should be enhanced by an “in order to” phrase
  • Sentence Four: In the last part, the explanation should be understood, and the focus should be given in the establishment of the students’ relationships

It has further been observed that writing a précis effectively can develop students’ writing skills and can encourage them to continue writing more and more about the paper. Also, it can be stated that there are three types of precis, namely analytic, synthetic, and interpretive precis. An analytic precis mainly deals with the strategy and the information, which is needed for the paper. It generally analyses facts and information in the paper.

On the other hand, a synthetic precis contributes largely to set up a contrast between two or more texts. It has further been observed that the writing aims at sharing the issue. Contextually, it can be stated that an interpretive precis mainly focuses on one text to read another. It can also be said that a systematic strategy has been used in this type of writing.

It is quite evident that the students may face a problem in writing due to having a lack of knowledge in writing and can thus take help from the professional précis writer. These writers also work in the analytic, synthetic, and interpretive precis. Students are mainly dealing with the tremendous pressure of writing, but the online writer who has the professional skill to write the assignments in an effective way can assist with the requested task.

Benefits of Well-Framed Précis Outline

It can further be stated that proper structure needs to be followed for precis writing. Therefore, it can be considered essential for a student to work on designing an outline at the initial stage prior to its writing. Students should begin their project by introducing the author's work. It should be cleared about the main purpose of the paper with the final part being the conclusion. The important attributes of precis outline have thus been listed hereunder:

  • An outline provides a summary of an existing abstract or any other part of the content
  • Providing an outline for a precis doesn’t involve evaluating the main work.
  • Information presented in outline mainly portrays the reliability of the content
  • Students should read and understand the idea presented in the content for summarizing it
  • An outline helps the students to ensure that they have gained the meaning of the original content
  • In case a student is well aware of the outline, the writing doesn’t extend beyond one-quarter of the original work
  • The work should follow the standard precis writing procedure and format
  • It should start with the thesis statement and highlight on the manner, in which the author supports it and must end with mentioning its intention to the target people

It is worth noting that the rhetorical precis outline provides the base for the commencement of writing. It reviews the main content of the work, such as whether it is an article or if it can be regarded as an essay, poem, or novel. It can further be stated that the description part includes outlining all the specific ideas, which could be used in the passage. This section is mainly responsible for forming the body of this kind of precis. It allows rhetorically to correct the verbs such as ‘assert,’ ‘prove,’ or ‘argue’ as well as “that” clause. Students can also ask the instructors questions such as “What is a rhetorical precis?” to get their confusions resolved.

Tips for Formatting a Rhetorical Precise

A rhetorical precise format follows a specific layout and hence cannot be confused with the re-writing of an essay or an article. This format comprises certain steps to be followed for completing this piece of writing, which has thus been highlighted below:

  • The original part should be read carefully to gather the relevant idea
  • Categorize the main points or the central idea with your opinion
  • Focus on the evidence that has been used by the author
  • Research different materials such as definitions, statements, unknown words, and data, etc.
  • The appeal of the writing should be clear for the students
  • The actual meaning of the analysed article should be conveyed to the instructor
  • The original thesis should be restated
  • 1-2 sentence summary of every section
  • Don’t follow the author’s words, write in your own words

Students are strictly instructed not to explain or expand the original passage or speech. It can further be used as a summary to inform the instructor about the significance and worth of the passage. It can further be stated that the idea behind this kind of writing should convey the information to the instructor. Students are advised to take proper time in researching a topic efficiently do to gather relevant points or contents for writing a rhetorical paper of high quality. In addition, the students should go through the original content thoroughly while making notes on the main ideas. It plays an essential role in ascertaining that the precis can comprise the most informative message.

The most important part is that the summary should convey the author’s motive. It can further be achieved by the students based on a brief understanding of the passage. On the other hand, the students can use rhetorical precis template for writing effective contents in order to avoid any sort of issue. A precis meaning should become clear for the students with the aim of preparing the best quality rhetorical paper as compared to others. It can thus be said that a proper definition can help the students in making it more feasible with the aim of the introductory part kept precise in a sentence.

Importance of Précis Sample for Students

A précis sample contributes largely to provide the students with a clear inference of the manner, in which a good paper can be written by the students to attain higher grades in their academics. While making use of these samples, the students should read them carefully and mark the central ideas of the text. They should be aware of the reflection that the writer had tried to establish in the piece of writing. The proper understanding of these samples is indeed a significant task for the students to successfully produce their fresh papers in the near future.

Conclusively, it can be inferred that discussions made should be rechecked after the writing of the paper. Students need to restate the thesis in their own words. It can be highlighted that students need to write only one or two sentences for each of the parts. It can further be said that it is the abstract of each part, which should not contain too many words. Students need to reread the paper or the article for checking whether it meets the standard criteria or not. They must also check the text for correctness and clarity. Lastly, grammar check also needs to be conducted before the final submission of the paper.

In the case of confusions, the students can directly consult our qualified rhetorical writers available on the online platform to complete their papers successfully and to attain good academic results. Therefore, you do not need to worry about your academic papers now. Just contact us and get your assignments delivered shortly. Make your order today!

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