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The Changing Role of Human Resource Management – Research Guider

The paper "The Changing Role of Human Resource Management" is a marvelous example of a research paper on human resources.
The human resource management is changing and will continue to change in order to fit the changing trends in the current world like globalization, technology, diversity, and e-business. The purpose of change of the human resource is changing is in order to include its influence over the employee’s behavior, attitudes, and effectiveness in their performance. The human resource department has various responsibilities to improve the business in the globalized world. A business starts up and aims at increasing in size, complexity and in diversity. In order to achieve this target, it requires updated management that is effective in the execution of its duties. After the business has expanded, it is very important to practice innovation and change in the doing of the different sectors. However, with the emergent of the current trends, businesses are experiencing changes in the form of management. Human resource department is widely affected by the trends (Pride, Hughes, and Kapoor. 2011).
The human resource department of any company has to keep the business changing in terms of technology. Technology is a trend in the modern business world that is growing at an alarming rate causing a concurrent effect on the operation. Technology in the business allows it to expand and diversify its security for expansion purposes. The company is to cut some costs that it used to incur in areas like paying the security personnel’s who are no longer part of employees. The human resources must look for strategies that will effectively fund all sectors of business. The human resource department plays a major role in connecting the employees to the management and encourages them to hold better behaviors in spite of fighting for their needs (Kanji, 2006). It also encourages policies that improve communication, development, and the employee’s relation among them and with the management. The human resource also looks for new methods of improving the attitude of the workers towards the job and ensures teamwork.
Every business, except the small businesses, has a human resource manager who heads the management department. All staff in business relates to the HR and therefore he is a very important person in any business structure. HR makes decisions that directly affect the worker’s activity or responsibility (Gardner, 2006). He authorizes other managers who are below him. He has concern over matters of the business that do not revolve around production or servicing but affect the good fare of the workers. He makes a final decision on the matters that the operation of his department. He decides on matters of recruitment, pay structure, and benefits to the workers.
However, these roles have changed due to globalization and diversity. Diversity is becoming a rule in the business world. Many businesses are changing their mentality on the view of diversity. Diversity brings a positive change to the business and has consideration in recruitment and the learning process of the Business. E-Business has a positive effect on the performance of the business. Most companies use this trend to acquire, store and distribute goods through computers. This computer-related technology has influenced the way a human resource manager handles the personal information of the employees (Gardner, 2006). Large quantities of employees data are safely stored in computers manipulated by other statistical software.
According to Hollenbeck, Gerhart, and, Wright, the new human resource management policies and practices influence the employee’s behavior, attitude, and performance. The changing roles of human resource managers have brought increased competition among businesses in the world. It has also created awareness on the roles the HR must play in order to improve productivity in the modernized business world. The businesses are surviving in the era of globalization and technology, which has made most of the businesses to turn into international markets. This directly indicates that the objectives of the Human resource department have to change to cope with these new developments. Labor outsourcing in businesses across the globe is taking another course. Some department s have bee wiped out by the introduction of technology (Pride, Hughes, and Kapoor, 2011). Employees have also to be highly qualified in order to be absorbed in the businesses due to the increased competition brought by globalization. Some workers are being relieved of their duties because they do not conform to the new technology.
The human resource currently organizes training workshops to keep the workers abreast. Promotion of workers by the human resource is quite different as workers have promotions on the basis of the level of knowledge, not period of stay as it used to be. The human resource is forced to create cooperate cultures and multicultural human resource teams in order to ensure diverse jurisdictional legislation. Globalization has forced a business to employ personnel from across the globe in order to acclimatize to the international status expected of it (Kanji, 2006). Generally, globalization and technology among others have changed the way of operation of human resource management.


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