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High School Example and Samples

A Rolling Progression
The paper "A Rolling Progression" is an outstanding example of a research paper on English. We use language to communicate with others and our language choice influences both our meaning and perception of others. Language influences our meaning because language is subjective.…
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English: The Official Language of the US
The paper "English: The Official Language of the US?" is a wonderful example of a research paper on English. The founding colonies of America were represented by a diverse populace of nationalities and therefore bilingualism was widespread.…
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How Have Cell Phones Changed Us Socially
The paper "How Have Cell Phones Changed Us Socially?" is a perfect example of research proposal on social science. My topic concentrates in exploring the changes that the use of cell phone has brought about in society. The research question holds significance because it evaluates the social change brought about in the society because of cell phone.…
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Israeli-Palestinian Crisis
The paper "Israeli-Palestinian Crisis" is a perfect example of a research proposal on politics. The Israeli-Palestinian crisis has been an ongoing one, where disputed territory has been a controversial issue ever since the state of Israel was established in 1948.…
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Multibranding Strategy: Co-Branding
The paper "Multibranding Strategy: Co-Branding" is a great example of a business research paper. Co-branding is a marketing strategy, under which two brands are merged to form a new product, in order to increase sales. These brands may have long term or short term associations, under this strategy.…
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The Torture
The paper "The Torture" is a worthy example of a law research paper. Torture is the deliberate infliction of brutal physical pain on some defenseless or helpless person with the aim of breaking their will. Torture has never been morally justifiable, but there have been putative examples where torture has been justified.…
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Learning How to Write a Research Paper for High School Students

Writing a research paper is something that high school students must do as part of the curriculum that adds to their cumulative grade point. You may not like the idea of writing a research paper but if you keep grumbling about it, you will never attempt it, time will keep going and you may end up doing a crash work that would earn you a low grade.

In this article, find tips on how to write a research paper for high school students but also get high school research paper topics to enable you to choose or get new ideas from the ones that have been created.

What Is a High School Research Paper?

Like every other research paper, a high school research paper requires the student to work on a topic by analyzing and providing points to support the result of the analysis. Writing a research paper at that stage is not as complex as writing for an undergraduate or postgraduate but still requires that you follow the same steps.

List of Research Paper Topics Ideas for High School

A lot of students would prefer to be given the choice to pick a topic because it allows them to choose topics that they are comfortable in. However, one must be careful not to go for a topic that is too broad. The worst thing that can happen to any student is to pick a topic that eventually gets too complicated to write about mid-way.

There is a list of well thought out topics that have been collated to help give you an idea on possible topics that you can work on. Let’s look at some of these research paper topics ideas for high school:

  • What are the dangers of consuming alcohol at a young age?
  • How much does social media influence teen decisions?
  • Do teenagers watch their weight to stay healthy or because of societal and social media influence?
  • Why parents need to sieve the content that children watch on television or online
  • At what age should a child have access to a smartphone?
  • With the advent of digital media, is parental control still effective for children?
  • Why is cybercrime continuously growing?
  • Discuss your opinion on surrogate mothers.
  • List and discuss any three of Thomas Edison’s inventions.
  • What are 5 of the most endangered species and what is your recommendation for protecting them?
  • How does drinking water affect overall health?
  • Should schools continue to give assignments? Explain your response.
  • How does recycling help to make the environment less polluted?
  • How to deal with sexual abuse.
  • Why is education important for everyone?
  • What are the pros and cons of homeschooling?
  • Should private high schools continue to wear uniforms?
  • Do grades quantify how smart or knowledgeable a student is?

These are only a few good topics for a research paper for high school that you can tweak to suit your preference. You do not have to use these questions verbatim, but you can adjust it to your understanding and standpoint.

Useful Tips for You to Write the Best Paper

Now, there are steps to follow when writing a research paper in order to make it readable. Research projects have tips to follow to make it credible. Read the following to know the processes that can help you plan and create a proper research paper.

  • Begin on time

It seems like there is this virus that spreads out whenever an assignment is given. People tend to wait until the last minute to start. Always begin early. It will give you enough time to write and make edits. As long as you know what you are writing about and you start early, you are bound to get a good score.

  • Understand the question

The reason why some people fail at tasks and assignments is that they do not take the time to read and digest the research paper question. Research papers require attention to detail. You need to understand what the teacher wants and use that to outline how you will write your paper. Does the teacher want you to create your own topic or work o an existing one? Does she want you to argue, discuss or compare? Does the teacher want a research paper rubric high school?

  • Mind-mapping (Brainstorm)

When you know the question, the next thing is to brainstorm on ideas on how to write your paper. Look for platforms that share a research paper high school sample that relates to what you are writing about. Get information from the library and any source that relates to what you are writing. Collate this information and arrange them according to each part of the paper that it falls into.

  • Outline Each Chapter Properly

Outline the title, thesis statement, introduction, body (with supporting points), conclusion, summary, and recommendation. After this write the paper, edit, check and recheck for errors before your final submission.

Download Free Sample Research Paper for High School Students

Now, we have put these tips together and created hundreds of example research papers for high school students to download for free and practice at their convenience. All our materials are free and dedicated to helping students gain access to top-quality research paper samples for high school.

We do not write only high school English research paper but on other subjects and languages as well. Our writers are from different nationalities and backgrounds and have created over a hundred sample research paper for high school students that can help students.

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