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Law School Example and Samples

Efficacy of Regional Headquarters for Homeland Defense Missions
The paper "Efficacy of Regional Headquarters for Homeland Defense Missions" is an excellent example of a law research proposal. The research tests the notion of regional headquarters as efficacious and effective in the performance of functions tied to Homeland Defense and civil functions by the US National Guard.…
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Female Juvenile Gangs
The paper "Female Juvenile Gangs" is an outstanding example of a law research paper.  Gangs are mostly associated with the boy child. However, female children are also involving themselves with gangs and street life. The changing lifestyle and their vulnerability is the main reason behind their involvement with gangs and street life.…
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Juvenile Crime: Causes and Prevention
The paper "Juvenile Crime: Causes and Prevention" is a wonderful example of a research paper on law. Before probing into the topic, we should first get familiar with the term Juvenile Crime as to know what juvenile crime actually means and why we need to prevent or reduce it.…
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Values and Cultural Issues in Counseling
The paper "Values and Cultural Issues in Counseling" is an outstanding example of a law research paper. Human beings are laden with values, beliefs, and opinions that shape up their lives. Counseling demands serving clients by observing all the legal and ethical protocols.…
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All That You Need to Know About Law School Research Paper

Law school research paper is like every other research paper, except that it is addressing legal issues. It may be slightly different, but the end goal remains the same. To write a solid research paper for law school, you need to follow a law school research paper format that puts you in the right direction.

Law School Research Paper Example: Format to Follow

First, know what is expected of you. Do not be scared to ask the lecturer what his expectations are on the paper. You can also ask other students who did well in the course to explain the expectations of the lecturer. Consider the mechanics of the professor and what pleases him/her.

Secondly, you should be sure of your topic. It is recommended that you spend a little while, thinking about your topic and making sure that you can write about it. After choosing, you need to conduct intense research for helpful materials for the topic. When this is done, create an outline, build on it, edit what you have written, ask friends to help edit before submission.

You can look at the following law school research paper topics for inspiration.

  • Criminal law.
  • Should LGBTQ be legalized worldwide?
  • How should hate crime be treated?
  • Gun control.
  • Penalty for sex offenders.

We have more than topics; we have free research papers on a law research paper that you can download from our website.

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