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Macro&Microeconomics Essays and Research Papers

China's Exorbitantly Unsustainable Development in Renewable Energy Industry
The paper "China's Exorbitantly Unsustainable Development in Renewable Energy Industry" is an excellent example of a research proposal on macro and microeconomics. China’s renewable has expanded over the last ten years.…
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Determinants of the National Income of Countries from a Keynesian Perspective
The paper "Determinants of the National Income of Countries from a Keynesian Perspective" is a worthy example of a research proposal on macro and microeconomics.Research Question:  Which group of activities would constitute productive activity in Keynesian theory? At what points do aggregate demand equal aggregate supply?…
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Difference Between a Monopoly, an Oligopoly and a Cartel
The paper "Difference Between a Monopoly, an Oligopoly and a Cartel" is an excellent example of a research paper on macro and microeconomics. In a market structure of monopoly, there is only one firm as a seller but there are many buyers. An oligopoly market consists of a few independent firms, which compete with each other, and any new firm’s entry is impeded.…
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Economic Impact of Coffee on Coorg, India
The paper "Economic Impact of Coffee on Coorg, India" is an exceptional example of a research paper on macro and microeconomics. The coffee industry is one of the world’s largest beverage industries and coffee is one of the most popular beverages around the world.…
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GDP Dynamics in the United States of America
The paper 'GDP Dynamics in the United States of America ' is a great example of a research paper on macro and microeconomics. The research paper below analyzes the dynamics of GDP, savings, investments, real interest rates, and unemployment in the United States of America for the recent five years.…
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How Does Import Substitution Policy Affect GDP Growth
The paper 'How Does Import Substitution Policy Affect GDP Growth?' is a delightful example of a research paper on macro and microeconomics. Most of the nations of the world are engaged in international trade in order to gain a competitive advantage over the other nations. A country may export the goods which it can produce with an advantage as compared with the other nations.…
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Humans Are Hard-Wired for Trading Failure
The paper "Humans Are Hard-Wired for Trading Failure" is a wonderful example of a research paper on macro and microeconomics. Man has indulged himself into the trade since time immemorial. Trade, however, has not only restricted itself into commodities, rather its boundaries have expanded even to that of labor.…
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Relationship Between the Subsidies and Economic Growth of the Developing Countries
The paper "Relationship Between the Subsidies and Economic Growth of the Developing Countries" is a wonderful example of a research proposal on macro and microeconomics.The government of different countries often allocate subsidies for different sectors in order to induce more growth and development in that particular industry or sector.…
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The Costs and Benefits of Globalization
The paper "The Costs and Benefits of Globalization" is a worthy example of a research paper on macro and microeconomics. The idea of globalization is rooted in David Ricardo’s theory of Comparative Advantage. The principle states that, even though a country has the absolute advantage in the production of all products against other countries, it will still do well if it trades.…
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Unemployment in Texas
The paper 'Unemployment in Texas' is a perfect example of a research paper on macro and microeconomics. Analysis of particular business cases has been made in the research paper. The first case considered the situation with unemployment in Texas and the United States of America.…
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Get the Best Microeconomics Research Paper Topics

Writing an economics research paper may be demanding due to its nature of gathering information from the market sources. Microeconomics is a division of economics that focuses on the behavior of people, family circles and organizations in allotment of funds to the outputs taken to the market.

It attempts to explain the methods used by firms to distribute resources, the reasons for such approaches, and the impact it has on the market prices, demand, and supply. Microeconomics uses mathematical techniques to examine and understand the decisions created by the entities.

A microeconomics research paper involves finding data to describe specific market behavior and analyzing them to explain the reasons and impacts. For example, microeconomics explains the reasons for an increase in the cost of items in the market.

Microeconomics research paper topics may cover the scope of the importance of microeconomics to the economy, branches, and nature. A microeconomics research paper example may involve a situation where a customer receives satisfaction from a chocolate product, purchase increases to allow them to enjoy the product.

Learn Using a Sample Microeconomics Research Paper

Microeconomics has two branches. Consumer theory, which is the branch that studies household behavior and producer theory, which studies firms' behavior. Consumer theory bases on the utility or satisfaction theory. Total satisfaction increases consumption, while dissatisfaction decreases the demand for the product or service.

On the other hand, producer theory attempts to explain how firms use technology to turn capital, labor, and land into products and services. The output aims to maximize profits and minimize cost depending on the kind and cost of input used. Using a sample microeconomics research paper on our website, you will understand that these two branches determine the paradigms used in the consumer and the firm's behavior.

Research paper on microeconomics may focus on explaining the two branches of microeconomics. Before writing the paper, a microeconomics research paper outline is essential to give a guide arranging your subtopics.

Scope of Microeconomics

Microeconomics is a broad field, and in pursuance of an excellent paper in microeconomics, a student needs to have knowledge of the scope of microeconomics. Microeconomics analysis involves:

  • Commodity pricing

Microeconomics analyses aggregate market influence of demand and supply, which dictate the costs of particular products and services in the market. Analyzing the demand explains consumer behavior while analyzing supply explains the producer's behavior.

  • Factor pricing

Microeconomics dictates the value of the determinants of production, which include; land, funds, entrepreneurship, and effort. The rewards of the elements are rent, dividends, gain and wages, which are the aims for manufacturing.

  • Economic welfare

Microeconomics addresses maximum resource allocation to attain market efficiency and optimize economic welfare. It gives guidance on what to manufacture, how to manufacture and to whom to provide the products and services. Resources are well utilized to attain maximum economic welfare.

It concentrates on the pricing of items and factors in manufacturing, together with the funds that determine the quality of social well-being.

Get a Free Microeconomics Research Paper

Microeconomics is vital in making decisions on the issuing of resources for the outputs of a business. It also helps organizations predict the future demand of its customers hence able to plan for its production. Besides, the fixed, variable, marginal and average costs can be evaluated, which helps in designing cost analysis strategies for the future.

It also enables firm management to understand consumer purchasing behavior and power and decide on product improvement or adding value to increase satisfaction. Changes in prices may source microeconomics research paper ideas, which enable firms and consumers to know the flow of costs in various market situations. Microeconomics topics for research paper may base on the advantages received from such writings.

Microeconomics involves the analysis of consumer and production trends in the allocation of resources to achieve the desired quality of products and services. The nature of microeconomics revolves around the prices of commodities, factors of manufacturing, and social welfare, concerning satisfaction. Papers of research in microeconomics aim at understanding customer behaviors and make decisions on the aspects to change in the production process. It also helps to plan for the future by analyzing the price trends, which guides future expectations.

Writing of such papers may be tiresome and demanding for you due to tight schedules. Get free 100% unique papers in all microeconomics research topics through our experienced and qualified top writers.

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