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Ph.D. Example and Samples

Difficulties in Expressing Ideas in Higher Education Assignments
The paper "Difficulties in Expressing Ideas in Higher Education Assignments" is a delightful example of a research proposal on education. Many students have over time had problems with expressing their ideas in their assignments in higher education. On my part as a student in higher education, I am faced with various challenges while trying to put into expressing my ideas in any particular assignment.…
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Predicting Health Professionals Teaching Commitment in a Private Hospitals Training Program
The paper "Predicting Health Professionals Teaching Commitment in a Private Hospital’s Training Program" is a great example of a research proposal on health sciences and medicine. Private hospitals are primarily business organizations that deliver particular kinds of service for a fee.…
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How to Write a Ph.D. Research Paper: The Needed Steps

Unlike any other paper, writing a Ph.D. research paper is tricky, and even a little mistake can ruin weeks of your hard work. It requires dedication, extensive research and willingness to write. If you do not have any of these, it may pose a serious problem for you. The writing format is the same for almost every research paper type, but the content depth is different. Writing may not really be your forte but with the right guidance, you can learn how to write a Ph.D. research paper.

Get Some Basic but Still Valuable Tips

The way you draft your Ph.D. paper should be in a way that both the reader and supervisor can comprehend. Let us go through the Ph.D. research paper format that can help you understand the processes which you must undertake to write a Ph.D. paper.

Choose a Topic

This is one of the hardest tasks to accomplish. This is because your paper topic sets the tone for the rest of your project. You need to be careful when choosing a topic. Avoid topics that are vague or that no one has ever done any research on, to avoid the stress that comes with researching a fresh topic. Your topic should be catchy and attracting to the eye of the reader. There are a few Ph.D. research paper topics that you can get inspiration from or tweak to suit your preference. When you have gotten a topic, you can think about drafting a concept paper.

Submit a Concept Paper

Before embarking on drafting a research paper during your Ph.D. studies, you must first write a concept paper. A sample Ph.D. research concept paper is like a proposal, however, it contains information about the research that you want to embark on, seeking the approval of the university or the committee in charge of Ph.D. students to allow you commence with your research and also support you with possible materials that can help.

After the concept paper has been reviewed and approved, then it is time to start gathering materials. Ensure that you have enough materials at your disposal to help you with your project. Go to libraries, read other journals, check the internet, if it is possible, visit the place where you are writing research on and do a thorough investigation. When you have gathered enough materials, you can begin to write your proposal.

How to do a Ph.D. Research Proposal Paper for Students

Doing a proposal for Ph.D. is important in every research paper because it gives readers an idea of what your whole paper is all about. We have a library of past Ph.D. research paper samples that you can look at to get an idea or inspiration on what your proposal should contain.

Ph.D. Research Paper Sample to Follow

Include the following when drafting your research paper Ph.D. proposal:

  • Title

The proposal title covers what your project is all about. From the title, the reader should be able to tell what the entire paper is all about.

  • Research Overview

Your research paper overview should not only give a background of your research but also identify 1 to 3 research questions and why you chose them. In this part, you would also need to state the approach that would be employed for this research, i.e. empirical, theoretical, conceptual, etc.

  • Position of the Research

This is the point where you show your knowledge of the paper that you are writing about. Here, you can also add literary works that can help boost your position on the project and explain their significance to your study

  • Design and Methodology

This is the part where you discuss your aims and objectives as well as the approaches that would be employed for this project.

  • References

Make a list of all the schools of thought that have been employed for this research.

Note that your proposal is snot rigid and can be refined as the student progresses. The proposal should be an outline of the entire project, rather than a strict guide to be followed.

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