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Research Paper Example and Samples

Acid Rain
The paper "Acid Rain" is a worthy example of a research paper on environmental studies. Acid rain is turned acidic because consist raised stages of hydrogen ions (low pH). Research has shown that the consequences of acid rain are harmful and affects the ecological system of the environment.…
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Adult Attention Deficit Disorder in Hispanic Women
The paper "Adult Attention Deficit Disorder in Hispanic Women" is a worthy example of a research paper on health sciences and medicine. Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder is a condition that is commonly known to occur in children. In the study undertaken though, the main focus is the cases that involve adult woman that have the said ailment.…
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Advanced Accounting: BARWA Real Estate Company
The paper "Advanced Accounting: BARWA Real Estate Company" is a wonderful example of a research paper on finance and accounting. BARWA Real Estate Company is a Qatari Shareholding Company whose line of business is real estate investment. The company’s reported segments are based on business lines.…
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Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity in the United States
The paper "Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity in the United States" is a worthy example of a research paper on human resources. Diversity at workplaces has become very important and the government aims to ensure that every workplace has the right combination of different people from over the world without giving importance to gender or race.…
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African Religion
The paper "African Religion" is a great example of a research paper on religion and theology. Many religion scholars and anthropologists, philosophers, historians and sociologists have done research on the various ways and beliefs and norms of the African culture.…
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African Wildlife Foundation
The paper "African Wildlife Foundation" is an exceptional example of a research paper on environmental studies. The AWF or the African wildlife foundation is one of the leading wildlife conservation agencies of the world. Its main purpose is to protect and conserve wild and endangered species as well as their natural habitats throughout Africa.…
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Air Pollution Going Green
The paper "Air Pollution Going Green" is a wonderful example of a research paper on environmental studies. The intensity of air pollution resulting from automobiles depends mostly on the source of fuel used to charge them. Electric vehicles are charged with energy obtained from clean sources such as hydroelectric power or solar energy which produces little pollution to the environment.…
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Analyzing Religions: Buddhism and Mormon
The paper "Analyzing Religions: Buddhism and Mormon" is a wonderful example of a research paper on religion and theology. Religion is the dogmatic belief in the existence of a supreme being or certain outlined teachings. In many countries, every citizen has the right to freedom.…
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A Rolling Progression
The paper "A Rolling Progression" is an outstanding example of a research paper on English. We use language to communicate with others and our language choice influences both our meaning and perception of others. Language influences our meaning because language is subjective.…
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Banking Industry Meltdown
The paper 'Banking Industry Meltdown' is an outstanding example of a research paper on finance and accounting. The banking industry is such a powerful one that has both direct and indirect influences on the global economy. This is because banks have always become avenues by which various countries of the world have enrolled various macroeconomic and microeconomic policies to shape the economic fortunes of the countries.…
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Behavioral Changes Reinforcement on Children in Saudi Arabia
The paper 'Behavioral Changes Reinforcement on Children in Saudi Arabia' is a marvelous example of a research paper on psychology. The educational policies and regulations in Saudi Arabia consider the subject of behavioral development in children as a demand which is civilized and which it plans to address through continually developing the regulations and policies in the educational system.…
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Brand Positioning: Hewlett-Packard Case
The paper "Brand Positioning: Hewlett-Packard Case" is a wonderful example of a business research paper. A great deal of discussions has been and persists to be debated regarding the influence of brands, and the significance of brand positioning in influencing its sales and attracting the target customers.…
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Break-Even Analysis and Valuation After Five Years
The paper "Break-Even Analysis and Valuation After Five Years" is a marvelous example of a research paper on finance and accounting. Break-even analysis for capstone is important in determining the point at which the company can shut down.…
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Budget Planning and Control
The paper "Budget Planning and Control" is an excellent example of a research paper on finance and accounting. I work at Subway which is an American fast-food franchise that sells sandwiches and other types of food. The franchise is operated and owned by Doctors Associates.…
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Bureaucracy in Politics
The paper 'Bureaucracy in Politics' is a great example of a research paper on politics. This study problematized the attitudes and behaviors of the bureaucracy towards change engineered by elected political officeholders. It made no pretense to circumventing the difficulty in studying human behavior.…
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Can Vocational Education Help Rwanda to Recover and Reduce Poverty after the Genocide
The paper 'Can Vocational Education Help Rwanda to Recover and Reduce Poverty after the Genocide?' is a wonderful example of a research paper on social science. In knowledge-based societies as well as developing countries, investing strongly in public vocational training and education sector must be crucial.…
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Carbon Offsets and Its Impact on Sustainability in the Tourism and Travel Sector and Airlines Industry
The paper "Carbon Offsets and Its Impact on Sustainability in the Tourism and Travel Sector and Airlines Industry" is an outstanding example of a research paper on environmental studies. According to McLennan, Becken, Battye, & Fung So, carbon offsetting is linked to the airline's industry and over the last ten years has been instrumental in counteracting air-travel associated emissions.…
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Changes in Physiology of the Aging Elderly Adults
The paper 'Changes in Physiology of the Aging Elderly Adults' is a worthy example of a research paper on psychology. Aging is a syndrome of changes that are deleterious, progressive, universal and (thus far) irreversible. Over the next several decades, the practice of medicine will be greatly influenced by the health care needs of the growing elderly population.…
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Companies Go Global, but Many Managers Just Do Not Travel Well
The paper "Companies Go Global, but Many Managers Just Do Not Travel Well" is a wonderful example of a business research paper. In order for an individual to work well in Brazil, the individual requires to understand and be familiar with the culture of Brazilians and the business etiquette.…
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Comparative Politics: British and French Colonial Policies
The paper "Comparative Politics: British and French Colonial Policies" is a wonderful example of a research paper on politics. The main aim of this study will involve the scrutiny of the development concept, during the latter stages of the colonial period by comparing British and French colonial development discourse.…
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Comparison of the Social Systems of Israel, China and the U.S
The paper "Comparison of the Social Systems of Israel, China and the U.S" is an excellent example of a research paper on politics. This paper will compare and contrast different social theories applied in Israel, China and the United States of America respectively.…
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Constructivism Theory of Learning
The paper "Constructivism Theory of Learning" is a worthy example of an education research paper. The term constructivism alludes to the thought that learners build learning for themselves and every learner independently (and socially) develops meaning -as he or she learns. Constructing meaning and knowledge is all about adapting; there is no other kind.…
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Contraceptive Coverage on the Health Policy
The paper "Contraceptive Coverage on the Health Policy" is an exceptional example of a research paper on health sciences and medicine. The effects of adding contraceptive coverage on the employer-based health policy for women between the ages of 18-44 years. Most employed women belong to the highly active reproductive age.…
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Controlling and Preventing Drug Abuse
The paper "Controlling and Preventing Drug Abuse" is a wonderful example of a research paper on social science. Drug use has been very essential especially for medical purposes. These drugs may also be harmful and cause disorderly in the functioning of a person.…
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Death Penalty in the USA
The paper 'Death Penalty in the USA' is a perfect example of a research paper on politics. The death penalty, also known as capital punishment, refers to a court order to execute a convicted offender of the capital offenses. Some of the capital offenses that result in a death penalty include murder, treason, rape, drug trafficking and robbery with violence.…
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How to Write a Research Paper — Fast, Easy, and Reliable Tips

So, you have been asked to write a research paper? If this type of academic assignment makes you feel overwhelmed or nervous, you may just be experiencing fear of the unknown. While many students struggle with academic projects, anybody with the will to practice can learn the art of writing a research paper. Just relax and take it easy. In this article, we outline useful information on how to get started with your paper. The discussion begins with an exploration of what a research assignment is, followed by tips on how to go about the writing process. The processes outlined here are intended to make writing easy, leading students through the entire process. Other than presenting formation on how to write a research paper, we also offer tips on where students can easily hire talented experts to assist with their work.

What Is a Research Paper? Why Write One?

Before we dive straight into the details on how to get draft your paper, we should first consider what is a research paper. This is a document where authors offer information regarding a specific topic that has been analyzed. Unlike an essay, the research document demands a careful analysis of sources, with the author using his own points to expound on evidence. By working on research papers, students get to acquire experience that could be useful in their academic and professional lives. Research papers also allow learners to appreciate the contributions of others to the field. In the process, the learners also get to relay their own ideas, showing the instructors that they have internalized the course concepts. Conducting research also allows students to learn more about easy research paper topics of interest, becoming experts in their own rights.

How to Start a Research Paper: Ideas from Professionals

The most challenging element of effective assignment writing is getting started. Most students procrastinate on their projects because they have no clue how to start a research paper. There are varied tips out there, although we prefer the one that recommends proper planning during the prewriting stage. Remember, the appropriate drafting and stellar papers ought to be approached as a process, rather than as an event.  

Selecting a Topic

Before sitting down to draft your document, start by selecting research paper topics from which you will pick your title. In certain instances, a topic will be selected on your behalf by the instructor, which means that you can skip this phase. In most cases, however, instructors give students the responsibility of selecting their own topics. While coming up with ideas for your paper may seem daunting, the added work allows you to pick something you find genuinely intriguing.  

Please appreciate that the procedure of picking a topic is actually more complex than it sounds. Consider what interests you rather than what sounds easy. Easy topics may backfire if you don’t feel motivated enough. Remember, you may have to research for days or even weeks. If your instructor assigns a topic that you find bland, then consider asking for permission to take a different perspective when analyzing the subject. Make sure to write an alternative proposal for a topic and present it to your teacher. If the professor refuses, then he or she must have a good reason for doing so. Always respect such feedback.

When selecting a topic, pick something narrow enough to cover within the indicated word count. Also, make sure that there are enough sources of evidence and examples to support your ideas.

Brainstorming for Ideas

Other than selecting a topic for your research, another important way to start your paper is through brainstorming. Brainstorming allows students to come up with creative research paper ideas. Try to recall everything you know about the topic taking notes that could help with writing later on. Of course, some find freewriting useful when getting started with their work. However, from experience, we know that the only way to stay on course and write a concise paper is by creating and following a plan.

Conducting Research

What better way to start your paper than through research? Once you have created notes, use those ideas to find useful and credible sources. Of course, by now, you should have already conducted some preliminary research and created a research paper outline. Now it is time to use that outline to research sections of your work. There are many types of sources to consider for a quality paper, including peer-reviewed journals, government publications, encyclopedias, and websites. Once you have located sources and read through them, make sure to take notes, indicating the source details in the process.  

Research Paper Ideas: Additional Writing Tips

Please note that, like most academic papers, the research document should have an introduction, body, and conclusion. Of course, the precise requirements for your research paper format will depend on the style indicated in your assignment prompt.

When writing the research paper introduction, offer an overview of the issue, indicating why your research is important and highlighting how you intend to tackle the process. Make sure to use transitions between the several elements of the paragraph. This will enhance logical flow while allowing the reader to follow your main points.

Also, make sure to proofread and edit your entire paper, including the research paper cover page. When writing your paper, it may not be advisable to bother with grammar and syntax accuracy. During drafting, your sole focus should be getting your ideas on paper. However, it will be time to edit. Most students make the mistake of presenting papers strewn with typos and spelling mistakes. In the end, instructors doubt their writing abilities and their commitment to the assignments. If you don’t have time or if you have no idea how to edit your work, consider hiring our professional editors.

Why Are Research Papers Challenging to Write?

Most students find it challenging to write the research paper conclusion or even the rest of the work. Some of these students have a firm understanding of the research methodologies and the course concepts but are unable to draft papers because of insufficient time. After all, you may have already heard that effective time management is critical for academic writing. Often, you will find yourself having to work on multiple assignments, some with very close deadlines. If you ever feel that there is just too much work to finalize, then it may be time to check on your time management skills. Also, you could seek writing assistance from our professional service.

Students also find writing challenging when they lack the mandatory skills and knowledge. Remember, academic writing demands that students adhere to specific rules for presenting the information. Going through a well-written research paper sample may give you a clue about how to organize your paper. However, the actual writing skills may take time and constant practice to perfect. In the meantime, you will need to read widely and seek help from experts.

Other students struggle with academic research papers because of language barriers. This group of learners may have impeccable knowledge of the course material and the research methodologies, but a limited ability to communicate in fluent English impedes their ability to write papers. The only real option available to such students is to write their papers and seek editing assistance from native professionals. This way, the work submitted will be of top-notch quality. Alternatively, you can hire someone to deliver a custom paper written from scratch.

Where Can Students Get Research Paper Samples?

Students encounter numerous challenges as they try to write assignments. One way for such learners to finalize their projects is by obtaining custom assistance online or learning from samples of free papers from our website. There are many individuals and companies offering research and copywriting help at varied costs. What students should always remember, however, is that not everyone who promises you a paper is genuine. Some are only intended in your hard-earned cash without delivering anything for it. We often suggest that students vet their writers before entrusting them with research papers. Ask the individual to submit a previously written research paper example as a way of judging experience.

In terms of where to find the best samples, you should consider getting your free examples from our huge pool of well-written papers. Our professionals have already passed through very stringent vetting procedures, which means that you do not need to read through reviews.

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