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Stand Up To Cancer – Research Guider

The paper "Stand Up To Cancer" is a good example of a research paper on health sciences and medicine.
Stand Up To Cancer is a movement that was formed to facilitate research into preventive measures against cancer. The movement was established in the year 2008 and has been significant in funding cancer research and in collaborating with other parties in the objective of developing measures that can facilitate therapies for faster treatment. Such a scope is likely to face both support and opposition from different stakeholders in the society and identifies management potentials towards dealing with the opposition that could arise against objectives. This paper explains how successful Stand Up To Cancer has been in dealing with its opposition.
Stand Up To Cancer has been in existence since the year 2008. Its continued existence means that it has overcome challenges, including the opposition, which has faced it since its formation. The movement’s success has also been evident in its active role of implementing its objective through funding research. The initiative has been active in sourcing for a fund that its partner administers in funding research activities. The sustained effort that promises to continue into the future also shows that the initiative has the strength to manage and overcome opposition and other challenges (Stand Up To Cancer 1).
The main opposition that Stand Up To Cancer has faced is opposition to its focus in research. Health care advocates have been the opposing party to the field of research in which the initiative focuses. Several reasons explain the advocates’ rationale in opposing the initiative. The advocates argue that funds that the initiative generates could be used for alternative health care concerns instead of translational research in which Stand Up To Cancer focuses. Examples of areas that the advocates deem to deserve such funding are basic needs such as food and water. Another rationale for the advocate's opposition to the initiative’s objective is the area of care that the initiative funds. Preventive care and curative care are the major areas and the initiative focuses on curative care because it promotes research into therapies for cancer victims. This has generated opposition from the advocates who would prefer funding of research initiatives that seek to develop and promote preventive strategies. Another criticism that the opposing party has used against the initiative is the active role of artists in mobilizing funds. The party argues that such an approach undermines the substance of the involved objects and instead offers glamour but this is neither primary nor beneficial to funds mobilization and utilization of the funds (Noreen Fraser Foundation 3).
No specific initiatives exist for dealing with the initiative’s opposition. Stand Up To Cancer has however implemented measures that ensure support for its objectives despite such opposition. While reasons for the opposition would divert donors’ interests to alternative initiatives, Stand Up To Cancer maintains its donations’ receipt and its funding for research. This communicates success in dealing with the opposition and awareness through broadcasts and availability of information on the organization’s website is some of the strategies that explain the success. The active role of artists in the initiative’s mobilization is another way that has helped to undermine the effects of the opposition and to sustain donor funding to the criticized objective. Stand Up To Cancer has therefore been indirect in dealing with its opposition (Stand Up To Cancer 1).
Stand Up To Cancer is an initiative that mobilizes funds for translational research towards improved cancer treatment. The organization’s sustainability shows its success despite opposition from health care advocates. It has used indirect initiatives, which focus on mobilization, towards success in dealing with the opposition.


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