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Comprehensive Information about the Essays on Paper Culture

August 16, 2019
Comprehensive Information about the Essays on Paper Culture

Importance of Writing Good Paper Culture Essays

In writing essays on culture, students need to have related general conception. All people have different cultures, which are based on their religion, lifestyle, and language, among others. This instigates that various groups have different cultures. Hence, while writing paper culture, one must be careful as identifying as well as expressing one’s culture must be in a reflective form. These kinds of papers are known as cultural identity essays. For writing good quality papers of this kind, students can gain understanding from varied samples or examples of culture that can be found extensively. You can also be inspired by the surroundings and thereafter try to express the customs as well as arts that one sees along with people and social institutions. Some of the culture examples that students can discuss and write for producing quality papers are real-life experience, place, memorable tradition, own imagination, memories, influential figures, and so on.

Know about Cultural Identity Definition

Cultural identity definition is highly essential to be understood because any kind of confusion can hamper the quality of the essay, which can lead to poor marks. “What is cultural identity?” is the foremost question that can come in the minds of the students. To be precise, it is one’s feeling when being one of the members of the group. It must also be noted that with one’s distinct culture, its identity is also found to be different. An example of culture can be evident while visiting a new place. In this way, students can easily recognize the difference between their culture and that of the new location. Therefore, while noting down essential aspects that need to be incorporated into an identity essay; in-depth understanding of the culture is important for everyone.

Conception of Culture Identity

As we have already mentioned, culture identity can be understood as a social group, wherein its members display common behaviors along with the use of the same form of communication style on a daily basis. Even the psychology of the members is more or less similar. Beliefs and social values, as well as the cultural values of a group, are found to be similar. These common values are never changed or altered by any of the members of a group. This is because these common values are the major aspects, which form the identity of a social group. In this scenario, identity examples can be cited as:

  • A shared culture
  • Shared belief
  • Shared value among the social group members

A cultural identity essay mainly focuses on highlighting the constantly changing nature among humans over a period of time. Evolution is bound to take place at any time. Identifying a culture is formed through the reinforcement of a higher level of communication with the other members of a group. Personal background, as well as history of every member of the group, is considered so that the decision taken by the individual members in joining a social group while following the same culture along with the beliefs for the rest of their life is made wisely. Within the social group, behaviors, culture, and beliefs to be followed by the group members can be more than one as well as these beliefs and values can be adopted from other social group or community. Different values, beliefs, and perception on ethical and social aspects are similar among the members of a social group, as they belong to the same culture. Hence, students while writing a culture essay must portray the importance of cultural identity across different communities and social group for bringing a positive change in the environment through the collaboration of the group members to perform every task in meeting the mutual goal. There are a vast number of properties, which are associated with the identity of an individual’s culture and needs to be included in the respective essay:

  • Ascription/Avowal
  • Different modes of expression
  • Communal, relational, and relational identity
  • Change in identity as well as enduring aspects
  • Behavioral, cognitive, effective aspects
  • Relationship and the content level
  • Prominence and salience

Ascription can be highlighted as a perception of the people in the community upon an individual. On a similar note, avowal is observed as an expression, which further entails different factors present within an individual or members of a social group. Modes of expression denote an explanation upon the culture of a social group or a community. This can be in the form of festivals or any religious tradition followed by a vast social group of people. In terms of communal, relational, and an individual’s identity, these three factors are crucial for a group of members in order to attain a particular identity, which needs to be added in this type of essay. Member of a group have the same culture and behavior, but as time passes, some of the members desire to change his or her culture. This happens, especially due to the realization of following irrelevant social practices among some of the members, who desire to switch cultures. Even in terms of cognitive, affective, and behavioral aspects, people usually set their mindset on native culture, which further enables the members to follow and behave according to their culture. Hence, these aspects are to be included in this essay type.

However, relationships, as well as content level among the people when portraying their individual understanding, also must be added in this type of essay. Similarly, trusts among the people are built, cultures are followed, and relationships are developed based on these facts. A social group often expresses a sense of belonging to a distinct culture, but at the same time, the members do not show or project a similar type of behaviors. Sense of belonging is further expressed by the people when they portray a connection or a strong relationship with their distinct culture.

Identify Essay Culture and Understand the Requirements

In order to identify essay, the student must be able to derive different opinion for framing an argument on the selected topic, either for or against. Similarly, a social group following a paper-based culture must be able to define cultural identity on their own, as it will further entail their sense of belonging as well as the shared values among the group members. In terms of cultural identity example, this type of essay mainly focuses on analyzing the personal identity of a person. Exploring the identity of a person further favors in portraying or acquiring information on his/her own identity. The impact of culture upon the individual’s behavior, actions as well as the relationship with the other people is determined once the person’s culture is identified if he/she possesses an identity of a multicultural background or not. These are to be included while writing an essay.

Cultural identity theory has also been identified as a concept, which further enabled individuals or the social group members to communicate with other parties from different social groups belonging from the different cultural background. In fact, this concept helped the members to adopt behaviors along with communication styles of the other communities. The identity of an individual can only be determined through the adoption of this theory. Identity, in this case, depicts identification of reasoning such as:

  • Why a person has been acting in a peculiar way?
  • Why a person took certain actions?

People usually belong from a certain cultural background, and it is also clearly observed that a particular person can be either male or female. This type of confusion can be included in the essay. Thus, the personal and social identity of an individual is clearly identified through the use of this theory. Furthermore, an example associated with the highlighted theory can be cited as a group of drug abusers. Members of this group usually tend to display behaviors such as:

  • Aggressive behavior
  • Offensive behavior
  • Uncomfortable behavior

These types of behaviors have been identified from the perspective of community people. Criticism has also been laid upon this theory under several assumptions made by the researchers. Some of the criticisms have been identified as:

  • Assumption of the researchers to consider the theory as a principle
  • Assuming social identity to be a theory instead of cultural-based identity
  • Affecting the understanding capability of the researchers
  • Creation of conflicts and difference between the community people
  • Chances of social long with personal marginalization

Refer to Some Cultural Identity Examples

Cultural identity examples can be of different types, and they are assumed to be as follows:

  • Race/Ethnicity
  • Social class
  • Socioeconomic status
  • Social language

Different social groups across communities are bound to have different cultural identities. However, examples of identity can be understood as an individual’s identity. It is actually an individual’s characteristics, which are viewed by the rest of the world. This is because it allows people to lead their life independently and in liberal ways, which enables them to witness extensive personal growth.

A student must mainly focus on the cultural identity of social group members while writing this type of papers. To do so, students need first to determine the culture that is to be studied for the paper. Acquiring this valuable information will further enable the students to be familiar with the distinct cultural characteristics so that they can justify the information in a clear form. In this manner, the tutors or instructors can get a glimpse upon what the students have portrayed in the essay. Identity of a social language, i.e. English language is given to a social group of members after identifying the common language spoken between them. These are the aspects students need to consider while writing an essay on cultural identity.

While writing culture essays, the students must consider gathering in-depth understanding regarding some important aspects as outlined hereunder:

  • Origin of the culture must be identified as it is highly essential
  • Cultural practices such as race and ethnicity of the social group must be acknowledged
  • Social class, as well as the economic status of the focused group, must also be studied

There are usually two traditional counterparts of the social group that needs to be portrayed in the paper. Among them, knowledge of post-modernism counterpart is most important because, with its help, a student can easily portray historical facts about the culture considered. However, it is also important for a student to portray different culture-based practices of the group from a philosophical perspective. Points must also be made evident in the paper for more in-depth information. Besides, every student must focus on elaborating the characteristics of the focused cultural group in order to produce a good quality essay. Above all, students should not be swayed away by the negative aspects of cultural differences. One must also not be biased while writing this kind of papers. This means, before even consideration or identification of the counterparts, it is vital to identify the actual origin, nationality, and the social identity of every member of the social group. This will allow the students to portray the actual cultural beliefs as well as a personal interest of the cultural group. In addition, portraying different race and identifying the particular social class, language, and status of the group is also imperative before even starting to write the paper. Only after proper research on the particular group a student can begin writing a draft of the essay.

Apart from this, a culture-based essay has a similar outline as that of the normal essay, so this must be kept in mind by a student. Before developing or selecting the paper structure, the basic approach must be followed by all the students. A well-organized approach to be followed by the students when writing culture-based essays include the following steps:

  • Develop a complete outline to follow
  • Develop a thesis statement is essential
  • Perform extensive research is mandatory
  • Ensure that the body of the essay has all the related information
  • Make sure that the introduction and conclusion are well-developed

Apart from these essential aspects associated with writing a culture-identity essay, students can take help from their tutors or supervisors to clear any doubt. If you are still facing issues with culture paper writing, then you can contact our writing service. Hurry up and place your order!

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