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Many students find the process of writing a research paper long-lasting and dull. Still, this assignment is rather important for your academic success. You’ll be stuck in the middle of a course if you fail to submit a good research project. It has a great impact on the final score that you get for the entire class.

Unless you have completed numerous research papers on your own, and you are sure how to deal with this task, we recommend hiring a professional writer online. Our company guarantees no risks and always on-time delivery. Let us first tell you about research papers. Then, we will explain the benefits students obtain from our service.

What Is a Research Paper?

Before discussing any type of academic assignment, it is critical to define it. It can be scientific or academic work. Research papers refer to the common type of writing which requires the authors to locate info about a specific problem, take a stand on an idea, and offer evidence for that position. A structured, logical report with findings and explanations is the final result.

One more way to define the term is “a scholarly article which includes the outcomes of original study or analysis of findings offered by other researchers.” It is critical that such report undergoes a procedure of peer review. Only after that, they are or are not accepted for publication in various credible sources.

If a project is just a part of your course homework, the requirements are less strict but still challenging. However, you need to know how to write a research paper for academic and scientific journals. This knowledge will later help you to share your ideas with the world and contribute to the community or society.

That is a detailed answer to your question, “What is a research paper?” Now, you may wonder about its objectives and the reasons to carry out such assignment for your studies. Here is why learning how to compose this type of project might be beneficial for students:

  • Structuring data

Research is an organizational project which teaches you how to arrange volumes of information. You may find sources of info on your topic endlessly, so you have to filter them and pick only the most relevant and up-to-date facts. Only through reviewing and evaluating information, it is possible to come up with a good research project. The entire process demands the attention to details.

  • Studying scholarly conventions

While working on this task, students master the art of documenting sources, citing them according to different writing styles, formatting, and maintaining an academic voice.

  • Managing time and other resources

Time management is an essential skill for, basically, everyone. Each stage requires a maximum of your efforts and attention. A student has to forecast the required time and plan the schedule, respectively. It is your chance to learn how to work with different relevant apps for organizing your calendar.

  • Digging deeper into the topic of choice

Even if you have the basic knowledge of the problem, a research project will help to view it from many different aspects and come up with new solutions. Be ready to face unlimited nuggets of fascinating details!

Students might have no idea, but they have all the chances to fall in love with this type of writing. What if you still dislike it and wish to get rid of this process? Then, you have a perfect solution. No research paper example will be as effective as our professional academic writing service. Our qualified experts are ready to face any instructions from your teacher. We will tell you more how our service works, but, first, we would like to add several more words about the process of writing research papers.

How to Write a Research Paper: Tips and Structure

Surfing the web or your library materials is the first step in your working process. Unless you hire our professionals to do both research and writing for you, you should handle everything alone. It will take much time to find and collect sources. It might take even more to decide wisely which of them to cite.

For background info, check relevant URLs, almanacs, and encyclopedias. However, do not use open-source encyclopedias like Wikipedia or other websites that can be edited by any user (e.g., Quora or Reddit). They may contain false data. There is a great variety of search engines, and Google is not the only option.

Domain names also matter. For accurate information, you should consider only websites ending with .edu, .gov, and .org. Those are the official sites of educational, scientific, and government organizations. They may offer some information only for money. If you order a paper from our custom writing service, the writer you choose will collect all the sources for you, so you don’t have to worry. Our company provides each author with unrestricted access to all online archives and databases. We will choose the best quotations and data for your research assignment:

  • Almanacs
  • Polls
  • Questionnaires
  • Magazines and newspapers
  • Library archives
  • AV catalogs
  • Online databases
  • Guides and manuals
  • Vocabularies
  • Reports and reviews
  • Dictionaries
  • Vertical files
  • Documentaries
  • Yellow pages
  • Videos
  • Interviews
  • Websites, etc.

From the Wall Street Executive Library to Google Scholar, we will carefully scan the web, trying to find the best support for your research project thesis. If you need to do primary research, our professionals will contact the experts in the chosen field to conduct interviews, surveys, polls, etc. Be aware that you do not have to pay anything for research papers.

During your research, you should decide on the research paper topics. Pick only one idea, problem, or question, and focus on providing an answer or solution. You may leave this part (selecting the theme for discussion) to our professionals as well. They will come up with a great list of themes to discuss and pick the right one.

The next stage is developing a research paper outline. It is a crucial phase that predetermines the organization and logical flow of the author’s thoughts. It will be a map for the journey called academic writing.

The Process of Writing an Outline for Research Paper

We have reached the process of writing a plan for your project. Without it, you will easily get stuck half the way to success. An outline is free of charge on our website! Here is how it should look like:

  • Research paper cover page (with project’s title, your full name, educational establishment, course name, professor’s name, and date of submission – you can leave these details in secret, and we’ll create a cover page as a template);
  • Abstract (250-300-word summary of the study’s findings, not the entire work);
  • Introduction;
  • Thesis statement (no more than 1-2 sentences, the central argument);
  • Methods (tools, equipment, resources, and approaches to investigating the subject);
  • Findings (the outcomes of the study);
  • Discussion (interpretation of the results and their meaning for further studies);
  • Bibliography or annotated bibliography;
  • Appendices (in case any visual elements like images or graphs are used).

We may also add a research paper conclusion, but, usually, it is included in the Discussion section. If you order a full assignment from our team, you should not worry about any of those chapters. Our writers are well aware of how to write a conclusion for a research paper or create a bibliography.

The basis for your writing is a thesis statement. It is the heart of your project. Thus, we want to dedicate a separate section to this integral part of an academic paper.

Developing a Thesis Statement for Your Research

As we have mentioned, a thesis statement is the central argument of the entire work, and it should not exceed 1-2 sentences. Do not confuse it with simply a thesis, which is a Masters-level project that graduate students submit by the end of their educational years (it is the analogy of a dissertation). By the way, you can order even such complicated and responsible papers on our site as our writers are all holders of MA and doctoral degrees in various fields, and they have successfully coped with such assignments.

Relate all the main ideas that you may come up with to the central argument. You must defend the thesis statement using credible evidence in the body. Use critical thinking or do not bother if you recruit our team. One has to try to develop a central argument made of a single sentence or two maximum. Our experts know the qualities of the best research paper thesis:

  • Show the audience how the topic of research is presented and explained;
  • Tell them what the text will be about (just give some hints);
  • Answer the major question;
  • Introduce an argument that others may want to debate/dispute.

Anyway, with us by your side, you should not worry about the thesis statement or any other parts of your document. They all will be of the highest quality, written from scratch, especially for you!

Sample of a Research Project Outline for You

We decided to share a research paper sample outline with you so that you have an overall idea. Our writers can compose a project on any topic for you, so it is just one of the successful examples of the life and work of William Shakespeare.

  • Introduction

Short comment presenting the topic – the life and works of Shakespeare

  • Body

Early life, marriage, novels and poems, later years. Here, you can first talk about life in Stratford and his family. Next, say a few words about the role of his wife, Anne Hathaway, in Shakespeare’s life. Then, cover the essential works like “Hamlet,” “Romeo & Juliet,” “King John,” “Othello,” “The Tempest,” etc. You can also include the author’s most famous poems and sonnets. Finally, mention interesting facts about his later years and death. The good idea is to discuss the two last plays.

  • Conclusion

Offer an analytical summary of each body’s sub-section. Provide a reworded thesis statement. Conclude your work in an intriguing manner.

Do not forget to include a bibliography! Otherwise, you may forget about the highest score from your tutor. Sure, our authors are well aware of all the existing academic writing styles. Thus, we will say a few words about the research paper format as it may have an impact on the entire structure of the document.

Major Types of Research Formats

Formatting is always included in the grading rubric. Most often, tutors assign an MLA research paper format to apply. It is the simplest style established by the Modern Language Association. It is usually used in liberal arts and humanities. That is why you will have to apply this format to the research papers for literature, English composition, arts, and other related classes.

On the whole, you should pick the formatting style based on the subject you study or your educational establishment. For instance, you will have to follow an APA research paper format if you write research for psychology as this style was recommended by the American Psychological Association.

Also, be aware of some other formats that you may face. Use Harvard or Chicago to cite your works for the corresponding universities. The American Medical Association, for example, has offered its own style known as AMA for students and scholars in the field of healthcare and nursing.

How to Do a Research Paper?

You should not worry if you cannot decide on the citation format for your assignment. Our professionals perfectly know how to do a research paper. They will choose the most appropriate style for your document. Provide us with all the instructions that you have, and we will come up with the best solution from you, starting with the most exciting research paper ideas. In general, here are the advantages of our essay writing company that make our service the top preferred among many students:

  • Reasonable base
  • Regular updates
  • Lots of papers
  • Quick search
  • The quality content
  • Safety and confidentiality
Thus, if you are too tired to do your research paper, or you simply need more time for other things, feel free to contact our database at any time. Our service functions 24/7, so you have a unique chance to download a research paper absolutely for free! Find a Sample

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