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90 Research Paper Topics to Write About in 2020

The process of selecting themes for research paper writing shape the chances of a successful outcome. Of course, you may have heard that a critical factor to consider before beginning to write is whether youre genuinely interested in the subject matter. However, there are other elements of a successful research topic, including your interests, the nature of youre audience, and the availability of resources. In essence, if you pick a good paper topic, you have already completed half the work. Here we present some good topic examples that we have worked on in the recent past.

What are Research Topics? Why Are They Important?

All amazing research papers written in the past have been about specific issues. These are subjects that students or researchers are interested in as they plan to complete projects. Every successful past paper has a defined, interesting, and manageable topic. Of course, students need to understand that the process of creating good research topics is ongoing throughout the writing project, requiring researchers to explore, define, and refine their paper ideas.  

How to Choose Research Paper Topic?

The ability to draft an interesting research paper topic is a critical skill. You may be assigned a specific paper topic by youre instructor, although most professors require students to select their own titles for writing. When choosing from past interesting research topics, you can follow these steps:

Be Interested in the Subject Area

When setting out to write a topic, many students start by jumping straight into trying to find solutions to the problem outlined in the assignment prompt. Remember, it is impossible to write a paper without adequately brainstorming on the issue. Rather than focusing immediately on the research subject, consider some perspectives you find interesting.

Make Sure the Topic Fits of Your Papers Guideline

Remember, the effective research paper you write is in response to a specific issue. This means that whatever paper you produce should align with the instructions provided by youre professor. This implies reading and understanding the prompt before embarking on the process of selecting a topic and drafting a paper. Plan first, and write later.

Be Innovative in Your Choice

Your instructor will have tons of research papers to assess. You need to attract their interest by making your research topic outstanding. Brainstorm several options, making sure that there are enough sources to support youre effective research thesis.

List of 80 Research Paper Topics

Your first challenge when tasked with writing a paper is topic selection. To write more easily and ensure that you complete a spectacular paper, we have researched and created some good topic samples. They have been categorized accordingly as follows:

Research Paper Topics on Environment

Here are good past examples of effective environment research paper topics for writing your assignment:

  1. Air pollution is a continued threat to public health;
  2. Causes of the chemical alteration of our environment;
  3. How economic growth is affecting the environment;
  4. Causes of global warming and the role of developing economies;
  5. Air pollution is a threat to cardiovascular wellness;
  6. Factors in endangered species and the role of human activity;
  7. Causes of overpopulation and increased pollution;
  8. The impact of industrial plants near water resources;
  9. The impact of wastes and pesticides on soil contamination;
  10. Causes of the contamination of coral reefs.

Politics Topics

Have you been tasked with writing a paper for your politics course? Here are some great past topic examples to consider as you plan to write your politics thesis research paper:

  1. Anglo-Saxon elements in American Government;
  2. Relationship between governance and economic growth in developing countries;
  3. Liberty in the modern state;
  4. Liberty, equality, fraternity;
  5. Existentialism through the lens of western constitutional law;
  6. Factors in the ethics of elections;
  7. Republican traditions in education;
  8. Democracy and social choice in political institutions;
  9. Pluralism and the politics of difference;
  10. The role of gender and ethnicity in American elections.


Religion thesis paper writing can be both intimidating and mystifying. If youre struggling to find ideas to write you’re your religion paper titles, consider these examples:

  1. Abrahamic religions and the renaissance era;
  2. Symbolism in literature and religion;
  3. The role of Christian symbols and rituals;
  4. The importance of language in faith;
  5. The appropriateness of spirituality in cinema;
  6. The Islamist awakening and other challenges;
  7. Religion and values in the movies;
  8. The importance of religious motifs in modern art;
  9. Factors explaining the challenge of political Islam;
  10. The place of faith and reason in modern society.

Topics on Technologies

Every year, great technological innovations emerge to make work and life easier and more effective. If youre tasked with writing a thesis paper on technologies, consider these topic examples:

  1. Factors in the applicability of electric cars;
  2. The impact of technology on education;
  3. Problems with technology and work-life balance;
  4. Future innovations that may transform genetic research;
  5. The impact of technology in nursing and healthcare;
  6. Problems with genetic engineering;
  7. The impact of e-accessibility;
  8. How technologies can make or break the country;
  9. Factors in the potential dangers and benefits of robotics;
  10. Is information technology in media useful or harmful?

Research Paper Topics for Middle School

Research paper writing tasks at the middle school level are assigned to prepare students for more advanced writing in high school and college. Here are some great topic examples for middle school students to write about:

  1. Explaining the causes of the disappearance of dinosaurs?
  2. Why do people need to sleep?
  3. Effective time management;
  4. Effective ways of avoiding to avoid family conflicts;
  5. Factors causing stress among students;
  6. Importance of learning math for students;
  7. How do people differ from animals?
  8. Why are arts courses important?
  9. Who is the most influential person in the history of youre country?
  10. What are the stages of self-development?

Topics on Sport

Always write about issues in which you are interested If youre been asked to deliver a paper on sports, consider these effective topic examples:

  1. Impact of sports participation on college academic performance of people;
  2. The impact of steroids on the health of college athletes;
  3. College sports financing and its implications on education;
  4. Should students be paid for participating in college sports;
  5. Chronobiological features of respiratory functions of high-performance athletes;
  6. Ayurvedic drugs in the practice of sports medicine;
  7. Anti-doping control in sports;
  8. The impact of caffeine on the performance of athletes;
  9. The impact of sports activities on mental health;
  10. Psychological and physiological causes of sports doping.

History Topics

Here are some great and effective topic samples for history research paper thesis projects, which students can use:

  1. The role of women in prehistoric Britain;
  2. Analysis of Eastern Civilizations;
  3. Reasons for social inequality United States;
  4. Different weapons used by ancient civilizations;
  5. The impact of apartheid on how people socialize;
  6. An analysis of the aftershocks of the cold war in the United States;
  7. Nationalistic trends in Europe and the United States;
  8. The reaction of the United States to the holocaust;
  9. The role played by women in the second world war;
  10. The impact of industrialization on American social movements.

Science Research Paper Topics

Here are some outstanding and effective research topic samples for science thesis projects:

  1. Analyzing microbial factories as an answer to the shortage of raw materials;
  2. Examining the economics and ethics of genetically modified crops;
  3. Inherited genetic abnormalities and how age is a factor;
  4. The truth behind behavioral epigenetics;
  5. The prospects of stem cell medicine in the United States;
  6. The problems with the scientific method to research;
  7. Explaining the formation of clouds;
  8. Important trends of medicinal research and the implications for public health;
  9. Analyzing the science behind animal hibernation;
  10. The impact of climate change legislation in the United States.

Bottom Line

Creating good paper titles does not have to be a complicated task for students. Our professionals have been assisting students with great research projects for close to a decade. Whether you need titles or effective research papers, we can help. Don’t panic — get great topics for research papers right here.

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